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  • Haunted Attractions For Sale!

    Hey there Fellow Fright Fans! Well, I have some potentially exciting news to share with all of you. Please read through this entire message before you react. Here goes...

    Lee and I have decided to sell the Raycliff Attractions. There are a number of reasons for this, primarily though, Lee and I have new ventures that we plan to pursue, which will require a great deal of time, effort, energy and dedication, and we have family related priorities that need our attention.

    First and foremost we are offering the Raycliff Attractions to members of the Raycliff Fright Team. Purchasing the attractions, which will include the property, buildings, walls, sets, props, Raycliff owned costumes, makeup, equipment, hearse, trailer, website, etc., a completely well-established turn-key business, will require collateral and a 10% of purchase price down payment investment. It would be our wish that Becki Gooch would remain the Fright Team Manager, as we believe this would guarantee the continued success of the business. Should a member or members of the Raycliff Fright Team not be able to purchase the business, we will then pursue buyers from within the haunted attraction industry and we will highly recommend that they also retain the present Fright Team and Fright Team Manager. Lee and I have discussed this with Becki and she's definitely interested in staying on in a partner of management capacity. She's also interested in discussing potential partnership agreements with others who may be able to contribute to the business purchase. I think it goes without saying that this is a very difficult decision for Lee and I. We have poured our blood, sweat and tears, literally on all accounts, into this business and we feel that we belong to an incredible family we've grown to know and love. This will definitely be like adopting out a baby we've given birth to and our sincere desire it to see it adopted into good hands so that the Raycliff dream can continue to thrive and grow!

    At this point the wheels of motion have not stopped, in fact they've picked up momentum and there is huge potential for this year to be the most successful year yet! If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of purchasing the Raycliff Attractions, please email us at info(at)raycliffmanor(dot)com and let us know. If a member or members of the Raycliff Fright Team will not be purchasing the attractions, we will then contact those who indicated an interest. Once again, the opportunity is first being given the Raycliff Fright Team Family. We aren't in a position to carry the note and because the current loan is an SBA Loan, the lender will require only qualified buyer/s with the ability to invest the required down payment and who have the necessary collateral, above and beyond the Raycliff property and buildings that may be required to secure the loan.

    As far as Transworld, we are still planning to attend and I will be registering Lee and I, and a number of the Raycliff Fright Team this week. We're all very excited and looking forward to spending time with our extended haunt family!

    Like I said already, Raycliff will continue and the members of the Raycliff Fright Team are the life blood of the dream, or should I say scream?! I'm very fortunate to have developed such amazing relationships with such an awesome Fright Team!

    Lastly, as I've mentioned already in another post concerning the consulting services I'm now offering, I plan to keep my toes deep in the haunt waters. Actually, Lee and I have both come to the realization that we both still want to be involved in haunting for as much of our lives as we are able. As they say, it’s in our blood! We do, however, have other ventures we want to pursue as well, and we're allowing things to come together as they may. Temporarily stepping away from haunt ownership will allow me to more effectively serve the haunt community/industry in a consultation capacity. The past 8 years of haunting has been an incredible journey and we're very excited about what the future holds as well.

    If you're not making it to Transworld, don't forget to come see me at MHC in Ohio!

    Kelly Allen
    Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction

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    The Raycliff Legacy: One Of The Country's Best Haunts - An Unbelievable Opportunity

    You meet a lot of wonderful people travelling throughout this industry, and knowing Kel & Lee has been one of the greatest experiences of Stephanie's and my lives. They are true, have the right words when you need them most friends and for anyone who knows them, this news becoming a public reality takes your breath away.

    Please believe us when we say anyone lucky enough to be in a position to become a part of this haunt is blessed indeed and will become part of an unbelievably great organization. The operation of this haunt is truly top notch and something to see. From the most polite and helpful security we have ever known to the highly efficient staff and crew of extremely talented actors, Raycliff Manor is one of the very few haunts that is so good we could see it operating year round.

    We cannot stress enough how great an opportunity this is if you are considering getting involved in the haunt industry or in branching out into the Missouri/Arkansas region. Raycliff is close to Eureka Springs, Arkansas which is an extremely popular vacation destination and the attraction itself is the epitome of the haunted house on the hill, surrounded not only by a large amount of land to provide space for parking and operations but backdropped by a humongous, wooded hillside. To photograph the property is eerie. To see it in operation is a life experience. This is not exaggeration, it is truly one of the country's best haunts.

    We do attendee interviews and Raycliff Manor & Carriage House not only has a following but a following that is extremely excited to see changes from year to year and experience the haunt again and again. We talked to people that were bringing their friends, bringing their children, bringing anyone they could lay their hands on to share the Raycliff experience. When attendees waiting in line found out we were working the crowd, they couldn't wait to share their stories. How long they had been coming to Raycliff, how it has evolved through the years. We can't remember another haunt that had such ardent fans jumping at the opportunity to sing it's praises. And it is all well deserved.

    We could go on and on, but we are sure the days that follow will fill this forum with fellow haunters, employees and attendees again lining up to give Raycliff praise.

    Thank you Kel & Lee for being such awesome examples of what it means to be haunt owners and especially thank you for one of the greatest haunt attractions we have ever had the pleasure to experience. The haunt industry will never be quite the same, but with your guidance and the team you've assembled, the right person or group could continue Raycliff's great legacy.

    Jim & Stephanie Patton - The Haunted Enthusiasts -


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      Jim, your kind words and your demonstration of support has touched our hearts! I really mean this. I read your email aloud to Lee and we both literally got choked up! Although we haven't had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with you and Stephanie, we immediately felt a bond and a closeness with you both that was like a reuniting with lifelong friends. We hope that in the future we will be blessed with the opportunity to spend far more time with you and, who knows, we may even do some vacationing/travelling together visiting haunted places and attractions!

      Just a quick update... as of right now, one of our Fright Team members is investigating the possibility of purchasing the attractions from us. They intend to keep the Fright Team intact, with Becki Gooch remaining in the Fright Team Manager role. This would definitely be our recommendation and would guarantee the continued success of the Raycliff legacy. : ) It's a difficult decision to adopt a baby that we've sacrificed so much for and one that has enriched our lives so deeply, but we know it's time to move on to a new chapter. We'll always be involved in the industry and this will actually free us up to do so in a more universal capacity. I'm very excited to move forward in working with others to help them manifest their haunt dreams. One passion of mine that exceeds my passion for haunting is to be able to inspire, motivate and empower others to pursue their passions and live their dreams!

      On a somewhat related note, my new book, "The Puzzle, A Gift From Spirit", is almost finished being edited and the website for the book is well underway. I've submitted manuscripts to a number of publishers for consideration and in the meantime I'll be self-publishing the book.

      I've also just re-launched a business I had operating in the past, "Pimp My Job Search", and I'm going to be actively promoting it again. I miss working with people on this level and it does help to subsidize my income. It's always great to work with people who are in transition in their lives, whether by choice or default, and help them to seek out to better themselves and their quality of life. I'm so grateful for the awareness of quality over quantity that seems to be sweeping our country, and hopefully the world, and the realization of what truly matters most in our life experience. There's been a great shaking up and waking up and people are finding a need to re-prioritize and assess where true value exists. We're finding out that many of the old clichés are spot on and many of the best things in life actually are free! Your friendship is a perfect example of this! ; )

      Lee and I both greatly appreciate you and we look forward to what the future holds for all of us my friend! Great big hugs coming out to you and Stephanie!

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      Kelly Allen
      Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction