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Wanted Last Minute: Clown costumes/masks

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  • Wanted Last Minute: Clown costumes/masks

    So our haunt wasn't going to open this year due to time constraints, but I talked the owners into letting me run the show (bonus).

    It's going to be on a smaller scale this year, but I still am short the needed amount of clown costumes to man the 3d funhouse.

    Costumes are most important.
    Could maybe use a few masks, depending how they look.

    Also need 1-2 costumes for my freakshow.

    Anything that doesn't look human, or a human that looks 'freaky'.

    Not looking for anything high end. Pretty much need basic clown costumes that are cheap. But would prefer nicer masks.

    post anything u have or pm me.


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    I have 2 Custom Latex Clown "Sock" Masks available. They are latex face masks attached to stretchy hoods with red yarn hair. Sorry for the poor quality pictures.

    They are $37 each with free shipping.

    If you are interested, you can PM me. Good luck with your haunt!

    - Jake
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      WOW!! Very nice!!!!!!!!