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Bug Spitter / Air prop - Need suggestions

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  • Bug Spitter / Air prop - Need suggestions

    So we are creating a hallway with all kinds of creepy crawlies for a new side haunt. I had an idea of using several air lines on both sides of the hallway to bombard the guests with tiny blasts of air - I could have sworn i saw a setup like this somewhere else but now I can't find it.

    I am looking for a way to attach the 1/4 inch tubing to holes in the wall - My first thought were small push on flange style fitting, but they don't seem to exist - My next idea was to use standard threaded push on male fittings, the kind that screw into pneumatic cylinders, push the thread through the wall from the back then screw a nut on the front side of the wall to secure it....down side it I would need to find 10mm "Extra Fine Thread" nuts, which I can order but wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas that may work better for this idea.

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    We did an effect like this, we ran 1/4 in parrellel to the wall right behind it, then put a T connect where the holes were and siliconed the Ts into place. We had 4 down the hallway all controlled by a custom controller to a solenoid valve. The only problem is we only had 1 valve at the beginning, then 4 holes after so the 120psi supply pressure was being split into 4 between the holes, so you could barely even feel the blasts as they came out.

    A better solution (although a bit more expensive and more controlling power needed) would be a solenoid valve at every hole with airline going to the hole shooting the patrons, and controlling each one individually.

    Just my input, I hoped it helped.

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      Re: Bug Spitter - Air Prop

      We've done multiple similar effects and have integrated our ankle tickler mech with a high volume spitter so you get the whip animation, along with random hits of water droplets. Simple yet extremely effective.

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