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Cold Storage Area Frost Effect?

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  • Cold Storage Area Frost Effect?

    I've been searching the Forum for any previous threads about this, so I apologize in advance if I missed any.

    But I'm trying to figure out how to achieve the frost effect you often see in cold body storage sets? You know, when metal objects like gurneys, body parts, air vents, etc, get frosted over. Not ice, per se, but crystalized ice flakes, or frost.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Sprayed on white paint is my knee jerk response. But depending on the desired look and the surface it is sprayed on it might not be the best route.


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      Search up Amazon for Artificial Ice Crystal Spray [XD3c 90542]. The stuff is bad ass!


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        Originally posted by jayepmills View Post
        Search up Amazon for Artificial Ice Crystal Spray [XD3c 90542]. The stuff is bad ass!
        I'll check it out. Thank you!


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          We used great stuff foam and made frost build up and icicles, then painted them white and threw craft snow on them before they dried. Looked pretty good!

          Heres an example of the kind of stuff we used-

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            Cold frost rooms.

            There are many different ways to make a great cold storage room. Some expensive and some not. I have used a method that has work me for years. My Mom would use this inside around our windows for Christmas time. I implemented it for my haunt. Open cans of beer and let it go flat. Usually the next day will be fine. Get a bowl and put epsom salts, the bigger the crystals the better. Slowly pour the beer into the bowl till its a slushy consistency , take a paintbrush and paint on the objects you want to be frosted . Try using it in the corners of a couple windows this Christmas season , just to see if it is something you might want to use for your haunt. Good luck, I hope this has been helpful.


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              Most of us can't get past the first step[emoji1]

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