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  • Falling casket prop

    Has anyone built a prop where a casket looks like it's falling out of a crypt, towards the guests, and has the appearance it's going to fall on them. Then it will retract in the crypt. It would be located on the top, above patrons heads.

    I'm interested in building one, but first would like to investigate how safe it would be and type if mechanism I would need to make it as safe as possible.

    Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks

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    I have seen one, but can't remember who made it. I want to design one now. If I do, I will share my design.
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      Cool, let me know. In in the process of building the above ground crypts. Thanks

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        what if the coffin was attached to a flat plate of steel so it is secure. At the end of the plate which would be in the middle bottom of the coffin you had a hinge. not some cheap hinge but round tubing welded to the plate with a steel rod thru it to complete the hinge. The second half of the hinge would be attached to an air cylinder. The coffin and hinge would slide out of the crypt and at a certain point it would tip due to the hinge and look like it was gong to fall. The back top of the coffin would hit the ceiling of the crypt so it would not go over to far.