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  • Dinosaurs and other props for Sale

    I have props from our haunt that we are no longer running for sale...

    T-Rex head...a lifesize t-rex head...the head consists of an upper and lower jaw with material that goes in between. This is a one of a kind custom prop...light weight but durable...has a little bit of damage but could be fixed to make it look like new or like a scar. The jaws have aluminum I beams sticking out the back that attached to a rig...The rig is not included!

    A large dilophosaurus "jurassic park" style Spitter. Custom made one of a kind...rig was made by dc has bushes that shake and split apart, the head lunges forward and spits... with controller (peek a boo with ac plugs)

    Small dilophosaurus Resin prop hooked up to a pop up rig, pops up and will need to fabricate the fan/frill...pretty simple the head has rods sticking out and we attached soft foam to it...$

    I also have Wood I beams with eye hooks and cables to make a jurassic style fence.
    Dilophosaurus latex mask from the 90s never worn

    Scare parts pop up and out skeleton

    Large custom man eating plant with control box.
    Monkey in a crate...Small wooden crate...monkey shakes the door and screeches.

    55 gallon plastic drums with great stuff glow green toxic waste on top...not sure how many I have....
    A bunch of animal cages, bird cages ect.
    Distortions style butcher table...built by us.
    Foggers, extension cords, latex body parts ect.
    Faux half circle chain rig with hooks(built for a film by a movie crew)
    a laser to make a false ceiling/swamp ect
    projector (not HD)
    Bins of masks and props
    wooden electric chair and distortions electric chair shocktronics costume

    Hallway of 8 in wall speakers that hook together and make 8 individual sounds paid over $1000 used 1 season.
    Jumping/ spitting octopus...fright props, stopped jumping, think it needs a valve.
    Buttkicker bass shaker and amp
    a few prop weapons....
    Stryofoam small "alien eggs"
    Pop up
    Window slammer pop down
    Spider drop ( spider...just mechanism)
    Rocking granny (didn't work from day 1...distortions told me how to fix it but I can't remember now and I never did get around to it)
    pressure pads, motion sensors...peek a boo controllers (most are with ac plugs)
    wooden "metal detectors" faux detectors made with lights and sound...these are disassembled.

    Asking $8k for all of it, MUST BE PICKED UP, No delivery. Props are located in 2 locations Roseville Michigan and Pontiac Michigan (about a 40 minute ride)

    For some reason I can't get this site to notify me when I get a
    best bet is to contact me through email. Please serious inquires only...I can send you more pics.
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    ALL the stuff is SOLD