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  • SPFX Discussion... Poor service?

    I want to start this thread by pointing out I don't own a haunt (yet), more often than not I am simply an actor who craves high quality costumes/ masks in an effort to look as good as possible.

    The only silicone mask I ever owned was the one I made a few years ago. This year I volunteered for a few 1 night charity events, and wanted something special.
    I was lucky enough to pick up an SPFX Chopper Mask with hands locally. Mask and hands are top notch, the teeth however, are particularly subpar. They are very fragile, and dont fit real humans.

    I contacted SPFX about them, and asked if after the season was over, I could send them in to be looked at for repair, and possibly trade them in for a small fee for a newer model that might be more sturdy. Rather than ask me about the product itself, and what the issue was, the REP from SPFX questioned how/where I got the mask, and whether I purchased it on Ebay.

    I informed them that the mask was NOT purchased on ebay, but from a person in my town. Apparently without even reading my response, they told me

    ""Those are fake or stolen masks, all of his masks rip I would ask eBay for your money back. We have evidence of the theft with a past employee. I a family member is in law enforcement and he is looking into filing charges. We will not work on or fix anything he has touched. Sorry""

    This reads to me like an excuse to get out of looking at a poorly manufactured product. Not once did they ask who "HE" was, so im not sure how they can say "THEY WONT LOOK AT ANYTHING HE HAS TOUCHED".

    If they had ANY evidence of the mask I showed him being stolen, why wouldn't they ask me to take it to the police with whatever evidence they have (which I would gladly do)...I do have the guys name and number. However along with a poorly written email, they felt it would be better to just tell me 'family members' are in law enforcement and are LOOKING INTO filing charges???

    I don't EXPECT them to replace the teeth, but I do expect a company to not feed me a bunch of bullshit when I email them asking for help or guidance.
    So has this company gone down the shitter or what?

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    These guys are obviously a joke.

    I let them know I would be glad to contact the police regarding this "stolen" mask if I had some more information or any evidence they had that it was stolen, and this is the response they gave me:

    ""They are for sure stolen or fakes. Have him show you a receipt for them. He does the hair himself and damages the masks. we cannot work on any his mask I’m sorry. I would back to him and ask for your money back. The teeth you got were probably already cracked and were rejects we put a side and would not sell and one of our employees stole them. We have never had teeth break that I can remember. I am sorry about this situation….
    Thanks ""

    Because I ALWAYS ask for a receipt when I buy something second hand.... Who knows how many owners any given item has really had.
    And once again, they have no interest in giving me any information about it being stolen for me to go to the police with, just an interest in giving me the run around.


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      I don't personally know anyone in the company but I did purchase a mask from them about 5 years ago without issue. What it seems like to me (with what you have said) is they had an employee leave and start knocking off their masks. Clearly they are pissed off about this and it looks to me like they jumped to the conclusion that you have one of his masks and directed their anger towards you. Maybe if you send them clear closeup pictures of the mask they will take the time to look and see if it's actually theirs. Also, I think you might find them more willing to help if you ask to purchase new teeth and not use language like "trade in", us retailers don't take kindly to those words


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        "not use language like "trade in", us retailers don't take kindly to those words"

        Well, us customers don't take kindly to unjust ranting when trying to get some service. They could've easily just been nice and said something like "Well that looks like a mask that was stolen from an employee recently. Unfortunately we can not help you out with the mask, but we would be happy to work with you on a new set of teeth. We don't take 'trade ins' unfortunately but perhaps we can try to work something out on a new set, which should be a better quality than what you received with your pre-owned purchase."

        I was raised in retail business and this behavior (although hearsay) is unacceptable. A business should NEVER assume things and should always be nice and respectful, they should especially not make assumptions as in this story has it. I mean, unless that was a model that was NEVER sold retail, how in the hell would they even know that wasn't one sent out via sales online??

        Assumptions, the mother of all F#%@ups!