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  • SparkGloves/construction

    Hello I wanted to get a pair of spark gloves from but I've heard the horror stories of shot in the darks poor customer service and shipping issues and I'm not sure why but they're website is down so.. Even if I wanted to I can't buy a pair.

    So I'm resorting to making them myself. I know they require a 12 volt battery which I'm buying from fright props I just want a best idea to go about wiring them what types of wire I will need and special plugs and what not.

    If anyone has an idea or alternative products I would greatly appreciate it thanks for reading.

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    Stiltbeast Studios

    Allen Hopps at Stiltbeast Studios did a tutorial video on some spark gloves:


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      spark gloves

      yes shot in the dark sucks it is to bad to because they make some cool stuff I ordered from them and never got my stuff! now what I can say is that fright props was selling them I am not sure if they still are but you should call an ask. let me know what you come up with because I want a pair too.

      thanks jay


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        I know what you mean

        Stat stiltbeast video is cool, but those are for slider actors and make sparks on concrete, not like the gloves the original poster is talking about.

        Frightprops actually sells the Shot In The Dark stuff. Not sure if they just complete the sale and SITD ships directly, like Frightprops does with some other might still run into the same customer service issues if that is the case.

        However, I recently did a custom modification for an actor at my haunt using a Pumpkin Pulp mask. You can see it as the top post on my Facebook page:
        Misfit Props

        This uses a 12V battery in a fanny pack, and special leather pads I made and attached to a pair of fingerless leather gloves. I had to run disconnectable wiring to the mask and to both gloves. I have the gloves on one circuit, and the mask on another you just wanted something like the SITD gloves you'd need each glove on a separate circuit (one + and one -)
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          spark gloves

          so from what I can see he got every thing at harbor freight any luck making your own?