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    it has been some time since this has been talked about , centralized multi zone sounds systems .
    I know there allot of new items on the market, what are you using ?

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    I use soundmill software, multiple USB audio cards, and 20W per channel amplifiers at the speakers.
    Soundmill will allow you to play different tracks (ambiance sounds) in each zone, or the same track (evacuation/emergency message) in all zones at once.
    There are a lot more, high-tech options out there, but as of now I'm still a home haunt.

    I have seen setups with several amplifiers in the same location, each capable of playing tracks from an SD card or USB thumbdrive, with speaker wires running to each zone. I've heard that running the amplified audio a long distance to the speaker is technically preferable to running the line audio a long distance to the amplifier, so this is probably a better option.

    One of these per zone would probably work well:
    Fright In Falcon Haunted Maze


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      What I prefer doing whenever possible is to separate the Emergency Audio system from the Background/Effect Audio system. Occasionally if I just need some overall background music I will put in in the emergency system but mostly the speakers I use are paging horns not designed to handle music. Also this system should be on some type of battery backup, either a UPS or always on battery system. This way the Emergency system is always available even in total power loss. For the Emergency system I prefer some type of triggable audio and have recently been using Gilderfluke SD-25 (or SD-10 if you have a separate amp) But my budget is usually a little higher than most, there are lots of cheaper triggable audio players out there, even a Raspberry Pi would work.

      Now for the individual zone background I prefer to use small amplifiers with built in SD-Card readers (just like what's posted above) and place them in each room. The power for these are run into tripped power, what that means is that if the E-Stop or Fire Alarm is pulled it powers down my effects, non-emergency lighting, and audio (except for Emergency Audio which is on a separate system.) I will place as many of these amps around as I need, if I am watching the budget I may use one amp for 2 rooms (split the left and right channel.) Just make sure in this case that all the audio players have an auto start/loop feature so that as soon as they are given power they start to play so that you don't have to go around and start all of them every time.

      As for effect/prop audio, that depends on the prop. Some props come with audio boards so all you have to do is amplify it. When that is the case I prefer to use some powered speakers, say a JBL Eon or similar. For just triggered effect audio I prefer to use a Gilderfluke SD-10 or SD-25 same as for Emergency Audio. That way if I have a failure of my Emergency Audio I have spares around

      I work professionally in theater and AV Installations so I have access to professional equipment, I have even started selling equipment on the side (feel free to contact me for quotes, hope to have a website up eventually ) But there are many different ways to do audio in a haunt based on the theme, amount of man power, budget, and how easy you want to be able to change rooms/themes. Feel free to PM me for more detailed suggestions but this is what I try to do whenever possible.