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Reputable Vendor for Vortex Tunnel

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  • Reputable Vendor for Vortex Tunnel

    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking to purchase a vortex tunnel and I am hoping to avoid companies that are all promise and no product.
    For most of my props, I usually go with companies like Ghost Ride, Poison Props, Gore Galore, Nevermore, Creepy Collections...etc., which all follow through.
    I've just started researching and have only come up with Haunted & the Vortex I know I saw at least one other company at Transworld but they didn't have a flyer and weren't very engaging so I don't even remember their company name. Any suggestions for this particular product?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I bought ours last year at TW from gep. His name is Alan. Not the nicest guy in the world but bought it anyway. We've had to make some slight modifications to ours but overall happy with the product.
    Greg Allen


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      I had a tunnel, needed to replace it. Motor still good, but I wanted to put it in it's own trailer so I needed a very specific size to fit.
      I checked all the vendors ended up talking to Mark Roberts at 1031 Effects. They had the smoothest running tunnels on the floor.

      Mark was able to build a custom piece allowing me to use major parts, motor & bridge, that I had. I'm satisfied enough that I'd
      recommend them with no problem.

      R&J Productions
      Las Vegas, NV


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        I'll second Mark Roberts

        NOT that I am saying others are not reputable. But dealt with Mark MANY years trading props. I have a wooden ring vortex that needs update and he is handling that for me right now. I am a farmer busier than I can imagine at times. And he is busier. So dont wait! He will tell you if his crew can get it to you or not.

        Wicked Farmer