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Ztag system for sale..

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  • FablesStudios
    started a topic Ztag system for sale..

    Ztag system for sale..

    I have a ztag system I would like to sell. I have 8 stations, charging cables and around 400-500 ztag badges and batteries.

    We ran this out of season. It paid for itself.... So who's ready to start making extra money in a few weeks?

    Easy to program, perfect for parties and little overhead costs. We ran it on 3 people in an empty park.

    If interested, please email me

    Asking $3,000 with free shipping in us.

    Heres a link to what ztag is if you dont know.

    Thank you!

    Peter T

  • FablesStudios
    Here are some videos on how to play and how to program.

    This shows how to play player vs. player

    This shows how to program the whole system. Check points or stations.

    We used it as escape adventure with check points, health meter, healer stations, zombies, escape games, traps and a cure. Btw, this was played in an empty themepark at night. It was a very cool almost video game feeling to be along with zombies chasing you.

    Here was our promo for it from 2/3 years ago.

    I hope this helped answer some questions.

    If you have more feel free to email me, yes its still for sale and the price is $3,000 with free shipping in the US.

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  • drfrightner
    What is a Z Tag system? Do you have some videos?

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