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Closing out remaining items....

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  • pickle
    Demon Acres,
    As of today, EVERYTHING IS STILL AVAILABLE! Lots of interest and promises...but until the cash is in my hand...there is NO sale! Very seldom on here so if interested contact me directly at: thefearfactorynj@gmail,com or on my cell @ (609) 338-7676

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  • Demon Acres
    What’s left for sale

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  • pickle
    Originally posted by Austin0401 View Post
    Interested in lighting and emergency lighting. Can you give price if buy all
    Austin, If you buy all the EMERGENCY LIGHTING...I'd let it go for $400. If you also want all the SCONCE LIGHTING listed above...I'd sell everything for $500.00
    PS: I'm rarely on here so if you would like to contact me, please either call me at (609) 338-7676 or email me at:

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    FYI --I clicked on your website link and it is now linked to a Japanese prostitution website. I put some of the text into GOOGLE TRANSLATE and it's talking about deep throating.

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  • Austin0401
    Interested in lighting and emergency lighting. Can you give price if buy all

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  • pickle
    Updated inventory and price....check it out!!!

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  • pickle
    started a topic Closing out remaining items....

    Closing out remaining items....

    Hello all,
    Decided not to reopen and we are unloading the final remaining pieces of our haunt inventory. Too many pieces to have pics of everything...but if something interest you, just email us directly (very rarely on here anymore so be sure to email us directly) or text/call us at (609) 338-7676 for all information and pics. Everything can be picked up at our warehouse located about 5 miles outside of Atlantic City, NJ Shipping can be quoted on individual items if a zip code is provided.

    EVERTHING WE HAVE LISTED BELOW TOTALS ABOUT $3,100 (other than the "FACTORY" sign).....FOR A FLAT $1,200. WE'LL THROW EVERYTHING ELSE IN OUR STORAGE CONTAINER...tons of large scale raw foam products, mirrors, fire extinguishers, shelving, steel doors, steel waiting line stations, rope, many other misc. items...take the entire contents (other than the sign) for $1,200.! Probably $3,600. + worth of stuff...just get this container cleaned out...ASAP!!! Will need at least a 24' foot trailer or truck to remove it all!

    Full 55 gallon drum of Poly air lines...all sizes/lengths & cutter. Approx. 200+ various size quick disconnect fittings from Automation Direct. Everything for..…….$200.
    Heavy Duty Braided (anti crush & anti critter) 20' Propane Line w/ Heavy Duty Fittings for Flame Cannons, Fire Effects, etc....Never Used (cost $230)………$75.
    FOGGER COOLER...Large/Brand New/Never Used....No Ice/No Juice/ Just water! Self Filling & Adjustable - Perfect for Steam Pipe Effects, etc...……..$125.
    Air Cylinders (1-21" Stroke/1- 18" Stroke/ 1-10" Stroke/1-16" Dual Stroke/2- ACE Controls HD Pistons ) Used but work perfectly. Includes large box of approx. dozens of Air Cylinder Fittings/Mounts/Pins, etc.....All for.....$200.
    17" Resin Gothic Hinges (from When Hinges Creak) 9 good pair / 6 cracked pairs -which can be glued. Cost over $280. for all. Sell entire lot for $100.
    Entire Large Tupperware container of plastic hardware. 100's of pieces of various size plastic nuts, bolts, chain, etc......all for $50.
    4 Gallons of our custom blended fake blood. Super realistic, glue based, non drying (stays wet), non-toxic but not for oral use or skin contact. Set use only...all for $80.
    Large LED Bright Green Backlit Sign. Spells out "FACTORY" ("FEAR" part of sign is sold) (1-piece-approx. 15' long x 5' tall) Cost more than $1,800......…Sell for $800.
    3 - 48" Dual Bulb Fluorescent Light Fixtures with Green Bulb Covers. Perfect for concession areas, cashier areas, etc....All 3 for $30.
    Box of 16 Rubber Rats, Bag of Rubber Cockroaches, Jar of Rubber Worms......All for $20.
    3 RHINO 12v - Low Voltage Transformers with 110 cords. Perfect to run numerous LV lights, lanterns, etc...Model #PSM12-078S - Cost $136. each ….Sell for $50. each
    ROSCO FIRE RETARDANT PAINT ADDITIVE...6- 12oz. pre-measured bottles (one bottle for one gallon) Cost $16. each...Sell all 6 bottles for $50.
    2 - Custom Built 12 volt/low voltage Transformers in weatherproof cases. These two transformers ran about 50 LV lanterns. With 110 cords....Both for $80.
    1 - SCENTAIR Scent 110 volt new. Cost $150.....Sell for $75.
    1 - Red Vintage Style Red Spinning/Flashing Light (similar to what you would see on the roof of an old police car....$20.
    1- Tupperware Bin full of extension cords and multi plug cords...…..$40. for all
    VINTAGE BRICK VACU-FORM PANELS...Hard Coated & Painted...about 12 - 2'h x 12' long panels & 4 - 3'6" x 10' long panels.....Sell all for $300.
    Dozens of 5 gallon pails and 1 gallon cans of misc. paint......all for $50.
    Large Amount of FIRE RATED 2"x6"x12' Lumber...Factory Treated...(probably 50 pieces) $100.
    2 New 5 Gal. Pales of FireTect White Latex Paint (WT-102) 2- Open Pales (about 3-4 gallons each) 1- Open Pale Grey (3-4 gals.) 1- 3 gal. Fabric Shield.....All for $400.
    Dozens of Steel Stantions w/ steel base plates & Rope...…………..All for $150.00

    1-Vintage 9"x18" Washboard, 1- Vintage Black Rotary Wall Phone, 1- Vintage Wall Radio, 2 Vintage picture frames w/ pics (everything cob webbed up)……$100. for all of it!


    1- Vintage Style Homelite Chainsaw Fiberglass Two Piece Mold...Good Shape Just Needs Some Light Sanding & New Gelcoat. Includes Speaker Mount Mold, Some Blade and Handle Parts, Mounts, Templates, Fiberglass Mat, etc.....Everything For $150. (Includes FREE SHIPPING In The Continental US)


    12 Volt Vintage Looking Lighting (All for $100.00)

    2-Sets of four (4) Vintage Hanging Style Lanterns with Amber Flicker Bulbs (110v) Cob Webbed Up...used in our inside Que Lines...4 for $80.
    2-Sets of four (4) Vintage Wall Mount Sconces (110v) Cob Webbed Up...used at our inside concession stand & ticket booth....4 for $80.

    Complete Lot of 12 (10-White/2 Black) 110v Exit of extra black covers (some new/some used)….all for $100.
    3 - Black Self Contained Black Exit Signs w/ LED Emergency Lights (cost over $100. each) sell all 3 for $100.
    22- Exit Signs with Dual Head Emergency Lights (110v) 20-white / 2 black.....sell all for $200.
    9 - 110v Dual Head Emergency Lights w/ battery back up....sell all for $80.
    3- Pair Dual Head Standard 110v Emergency Lights...all 3 for $20.
    2- Pair Standard 110v (faux rusted look) Emergency Lights...both for $20.
    3- Pairs of Black Heavy Duty Aluminum 5"x7" Emergency Lights...all 3 sets for $30.
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