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Scare Factory - has anyone had any luck getting ahold of them in the last 6 months??

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    Sooo !!!back to the prop I was talking about earlier this year (post above) I ended up contacting David, asked him wrath would the wait time be for real
    if I was to order props for next year.. To my surprise, he answered right away.. said that the ones I like they had extras made up ready to sell...
    after many emails exchanged, I ended up with a great deal from them.. so I sent payment (deposit) asked David to let me know when they are ready to go. I'd send the rest.
    Once they were all paid for, communication was slower, but I did manage to stay in contact .
    I figured , worst, if he doesn't ship in time !! I'll just cancel and reverse charges..
    But he answered his texts and was surprised his shop hadn't given me my tracking info.. he came back minutes later as they had shipped the week before..
    picked them all up yesterday there's a things missing, as I'm sure the guy who packed up the skid forgot to double check..but David replied back and asked for my address within seconds
    so he can get them out the same day..

    I'll be sure to let everyone know when it comes in..
    the props I wanted were.
    1- the grave master, this thing is cool... was sure it was electric, but it's all pneumatic, made solid to last.. works perfect ( was missing the lantern) I set up a severed head until I get the lantern.
    2- a double set of animated zombies for that brain smash game.. two zombie's, two catapults, two buckets of brains ( they forgot the brains) he promised to ship right away.

    overall, pleased.. was nervous but happy it turned out well.. there's a minor adjustment I need to make on one of the zombies, they use industrial ball joints, one of them
    is binding against another while in motion, just a quick grind with a dremel tool will fix that in a minute..

    I hope this is their new way of doing things and that others will get their props..
    here's a few bad cell pics44245477_10157940031687571_2559213085738926080_n.jpg44243061_10157940031697571_8151925013881028608_n.jpg44224999_10157940031692571_707818444401147904_n.jpg