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  • MHC Friday Classes Will Rock!

    We’ve assembled a group of professional instructors for half day and all day sessions on Friday, June 4 at the Hyatt Regency. The Midwest Haunters Convention is known for hosting outstanding seminars and workshops and this year we’re bringing in some of the most talented instructors in the industry.
    We have four classrooms; each hosting one of a variety of subjects for anyone thinking about getting started in the haunt industry, current haunt producers wanting to take their operation to the next level, actors wanting to create new characters and learn interactive acting techniques, makeup artists wanting to expand their skills and home haunters wanting to learn all the above.
    The Business of Haunting

    Timothy and Ann Marie Gavinski, owners of the multi award winning Wisconsin Fear Grounds, have been teaching pre-convention classes at the Midwest Haunters Convention for many years. Their classes are designed for anyone thinking about getting into the haunted attraction business or a beginner who’s just taken the leap. Attend a half day session or spend the entire day with this awesome duo as they share tips that will help you avoid costly errors while saving you thousands of dollars in your first season. This could be one of the most important investments you make in your business.

    8:00 – 12:00 Overview of The Business Plan
    : Ann Marie and Timothy Gavinski will break down the Business of Haunting. They will review their very extensive business plan with you, with an emphasis on their “Budget”. This is the first time Ann Marie, the President of Nightmares4U has agreed to share elements of their budget with anyone outside of the company. Where do Ann Marie and Tim find their staff? The training they provide them and how they keep them coming back year after year! The Wisconsin Fear Grounds has one of the best staffs in the country. Learn the steps Ann Marie and Tim take to separate their staff’s performance from that of the competition and how they keep the cream of the crop in the Wisconsin Fear Grounds Stables. Cost $100.00

    Noon – 1:00 pm – Lunch Seminar with the Fire Marshal = $35 (Free if you purchase both sessions with the Gavinski’s by May 1st).

    We’ll serve lunch in the class room while the Fire Marshal reviews the fire code. He’ll conduct a question and answer period and try to help you avoid costly mistakes and code violations. This seminar is a must for anyone getting started or a haunter who experienced problems with their local fire marshal.

    1:00 – 5:00 Focus on Marketing and Planning for Success: Learn how Ann Marie and Tim continually remain “Top of Mind” for the media and customers in the saturated Milwaukee market. In 2009, the Wisconsin Fear Grounds received more media coverage then ever before and their attraction was used to film a “Super Bowl” commercial that featured many of their staff! For the first time ever, each attendee will receive a copy of their 2009 Media / Marketing book. This is a vital tool the Gavinski’s use to grab the attention of the media and potential sponsors. It is no accident that Ann Marie and Tim continually set the standard for excellence in their market and the country. They will share with you in depth, how they prepare for and plan for a season 12 months in advance. On opening day 2010 they will already be looking forward and making plans for 2011. They will a lso discuss their EXIT PLAN as owners of a haunted attraction, (if you have a plan to get into business, you better have a plan to successfully leave it). Cost $100.00

    Purchase a half day session with the Gavinski’s or if you buy both seminars (by May 1st) your lunch class will be free (save $35).
    9:00 am – Noon
    Bloody Mary “Makeup To Die For, Hands On” Workshop

    Only $75 for both you and your model/buddy.

    You get 2 admissions for 1 price

    * Old Age Ghoul
    * Decayed Rotted Zombie
    * Rotted Clown

    Let The Queen of Horror, Bloody Mary, take you on a journey from entry level old age makeup to a transformation to a Hag or Ghoul. Next she’ll demonstrate one of her specialties; Decayed and Rotted Zombies followed by Rotted Clowns. This 3 hour intensive class will help you achieve fantastic character makeup results.

    Get up close and personal with Bobbie. She will be debuting some of her new products and techniques that she developed this past year. Bring a friend to work on and follow Bloody Mary’s techniques since everyone will receive a full Bloody Mary Makeup Kit and tools to participate in this seminar. Bobbie will be happy to answer any questions you might have relating to her world of makeup and creating F/X Villains and Monsters

    Bring a camera! There will be a group picture taken at the end of the class and a special drawing for some great “Bloody Mary Stuff” for the participants of the Bloody Mary Workshop. This class is ideal for makeup artists and actors. Register early so you and your buddy get seats.

    Hauntertainer University Series 2010

    Bob and Beth Turner have been owners/operators for 20 years at the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park in Fremont, Ohio. Bob is the Dean of Hauntertainer University and a DVD producer and segment host for Rotting Flesh Radio. He’s a former editor for the Haunt section of Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine, a past president of IAHA and an industry speaker for 13 years. This fantastic tag-team has recruited a staff of experts to present seminars for haunt producers and actors.

    Haunter U
    Take your Haunt Operation to the next level

    8:30am – 12:30pm

    This course is vital for all haunt operators. We’ll show you how to improve the profitability of your attraction and offer suggestions on safety programs for your actors and guests. The following topics will be covered by our professional team:

    * Requirements for hiring Independent Contractors as actors – official IRS ruling along with contract examples. We’ll share the documentation and information to keep you legal.

    * A Certified Public Accountant from Liberty Tax Service will review the do’s & don’ts of our Industry. Our tax professional will answer questions and offer suggestions on how to optimize your tax plan.

    * One of the leading Haunt Industry Attorneys will review legal issues facing the Haunted Attraction Owner. He’ll share recommended warnings and provide disclaimers you can use to protect your business/operation.

    * Every business needs to prepare for accidents. Even with the best plans; accidents can happen and you need to be ready to react. We’ll review what it takes to truly qualify your Haunt with safety equipment and we’ll provide documentation forms. The information shared in this class has already saved the life of a patron.

    COST: $75.00 (10% discount for IAHA Members – $67.50)

    INCLUDES: Intensive 4-hour class instruction featuring complete agenda booklet with documentation sample forms, plus two – three Hour DVD’s of original class (value of $150.00)

    1:00 – 5:00 pm
    Actor training and development workshop

    An enlightening and thought provoking educational opportunity to take your haunted acting or actors to the next level of entertaining. This course is vital for all serious actors and owners.

    Featuring: CRAZY BOB & BETH TURNER

    Topics covered will include:

    * Themed Costuming
    * Appropriate Styles of Makeup
    * Spontaneous Dialogue
    * Proper Evaluation of those around you

    * Variety of Scare Techniques
    * Usage of Props
    * Timing is Everything…!
    * Clarity of Speech, plus Tone & Usage of Vocal Cords

    COST: $75.00 (10% Discount for IAHA Members – $67.50) INCLUDES: Intensive 4-hour class instruction featuring hands-on and role-playing activities, Training Instructional Booklet, Character Creation Sheet, plus 3-Hour Hauntertainer U DVD.

    FX Makeup with Nick & Brian Wolfe

    Only $130 for a day with the Evil Twins!

    10:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Join Nick and Brian Wolfe as they paint step by step burns, cuts, stitches, zits, black eyes, bruises, bone, muscle and scratches. The class will also study facial anatomy and sculpt and paint silicone appliances. The proper method of foam and latex application will also be covered with a class project to complete the day. All materials will be supplied; only cameras and notepads are needed. It will be a 7 hour class from 10 – 5 pm which includes a break with a catered lunch. This class is limited to the first 20 participants. The cost is only $130 for a full day with these very talented artists, lunch and all necessary supplies.

    This class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn to do their own FX makeup or an artist looking to expand their haunt makeup abilities.

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    UGH Barry!!!!

    The only problem I have with all the classes & seminars is that there are so many that I'm conflicted on which ones I want to attend! Thanks for putting this together for us, this is going to be a great time and an amazing chance for gaining some extra knowledge!!!!
    Neil C

    "Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue."