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Jon Hyers Outrageous Media DVDs at Transworld

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  • Jon Hyers Outrageous Media DVDs at Transworld

    Hello Haunters:
    My [ Jon Hyers] Virtual Effects DVDs, including some new ones made in 2010 will be sold at the booth for
    HAUNTEDPROPS.COM. I am not attending the show, because again it falls on my wife's Spring Break from teaching, and "We aint goin' to no Halloween Show", says Karen. And that's that. has done an incredible job selling my DVDs, thus you can check the newest ones out there. I do not know the booth # yet, but you'll get the show book.

    2009-2010, just because of the internet, Sales have risen so much that I continue to crank out new effects. So, I'll be busy during the year making new effects. Thanks for your support over the past 12 years. If you ARE a past customer, you can always subscribe to my youtube channel Jon Hyers, to see what I upload during the year. Thanks

    Jon Hyers

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    Any chance you'll be going to hauntcon?