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2nd Annual Christmas Haunted House

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  • 2nd Annual Christmas Haunted House

    The dust has just now settled at Moxley Manor but 2011 isn't over just yet.

    On November 26th, Moxley Manor will present the 2nd Annual Christmas Themed Haunted House, A NightScare Before Christmas. Our Christmas Haunted House will feature a Chainsaw wielding Santa, Zombie Elves and much more! We will run on 4 consecutive Saturday nights until December 17th. For more details visit us at
    Richard Alvarado
    Moxley Manor Haunted House
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    Maybe you should be renamed?

    For having the nerve to blaspheme Santa, instead of "Moxley" it should be "Moxie"? (Which meant verve, nerve, bravado)
    For a few years now I have had a Santa display in my haunt kitchen which is very usefull as I guage how nervous a group might be when not one of 15 customers wish to whisper in Nosfearto-Santa's ear to make a Christmas wish!
    I then threaten to make a new Ravens Grin tee-shirt proclaiming:"I Was Scared Shitless In The Ravens Grin Kitchen With All The Lights ON By Nosferato-Santa!"
    (He is occupying the tip of a folded up ironing board standing in the corner , leaning against the side of the stove. Just a bust, not a whole body) "He's getting bored, he's on an ironing board! Whisper in his ear, what do you want? Some bailout money? A parachute? An a airplane to go with it?"
    Then if a "Whisperer" comes forward.. "Santa" will scare them.. even though he looks like he possibly couldn't.

    I have always thought a haunted X-Mas could find customers among the disgruntled, which are not few in number concerning that season..
    Jim Warfield--Ravens Grin Inn


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      We tried that to

      In 2008, we did the Christmas Nightmare. We had all the characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas, evil elves and Santa. We took coffin to the Xmas parade with Jack and Sally in it and the town had a fit. They have asked us not to bring it back to the parade. Needless to say....I really think this idea would fly but when we opened we had like 20 visitors the whole month on the weekends disaster. So we never did it again. This year we are thinking about having Christmas Hayrides.


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        Im really gonna try to make it out there this season. I want to play. How tall are your cielings?