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  • Vendor Lists 2011 MHC

    I have checked out the new website and am looking for a list of the vendors that were in the trade show. Maybe I am dense, but, I did not find it on the new site and struck out doing an nternet search. Any help would be appreciated?


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    I have just recently opened up vendor sales for 2012 and that list can be found at . I did not carry over the 2011 list when we changed websites. Is there someone in particular you were looking for?


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      Vendor List - 2011

      I am unsure of the name as they were a small local columbus vendor. I thougt it was something "metal works" as they made mainly accessory type items. I remember at their booth that there was a younger guy and gal. The guy had a dark red silicone devil mask that they made themselves. They seemed to be more artists than true haunt vendors. Does that give you any clue?

      If I remember correctly, if you walked into the trade show looking toward the back, they would have been on the row that would have been farthest to the left. Pretty close to where Creepy Collection and Shot in the Dark Scare Tools were display, but, on the outside aisle as opposed to the inside aisle.

      Barry, thanks for your help.

      I am a home haunter but it seems to grow each year. I really appreciate all the effort that you and your group put forth for the Midwest Convention. I look forward to 2012.


      Jeff DeWerth
      Westerville, Ohio