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List of haunts on the 2012 bus tour

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  • List of haunts on the 2012 bus tour

    Are you ready to see some of the best haunts Michigan has to offer? We’re hosting a bus tour stacked with a variety of haunted attractions. The Midwest Haunters Convention 2012 bus tour plans are nearly complete and we’re going to have a very impressive tour. We still need to finalize several plans yet; meals, bus and hotel rates before we can project the cost. I hope to have that complete around the 1st of January.

    We’ve signed up NINE haunted attractions for the tour! Seven in Michigan and two in Northwest Ohio. Buses will depart from Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday morning June 6 and return Thursday evening June 7. Tours will include the following attractions:

    - Darksyde Acres

    - Jackson’s Underworld

    - Erebus

    - Realm of Darkness

    - Exit 13 Haunted House

    - St Lucifer’s

    - The Crypt

    - Terror Town

    - Fear Factory

    That’s two full days of tours. This promises to be one of our best tours yet.

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    Reserve the dates now, June 6 & 7 for this fantastic bus tour and June 8, 9 & 10 for MHC.

    Kelly Collins
    The Midwest Haunters Convention