Hi Everyone,

The Midwest Haunters Convention and Fantasy Show bring a variety of workshops to Columbus, Ohio on July 13-15 2007. The weekend will be action packed with social events, tours, and great shopping. The MHC will host pre-and post-convention workshops on Sponsorships, Face Painting, Airbrushing, and Henna.

We are excited to feature a new ‘Best Haunt Practices - Producers Workshop; with exclusive restrictions on territory attendance. The best ideas win money! I’m including the details below, along with Sponsorships class. Don’t get shut out ~ register early.

Please book your hotel room right away. There is a big car show in town! The 2007 MHC host hotel is: Holiday Inn, I270 Worthington, 175 Hutchinson Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43235, 800-287-0037, 614-885-3334 Located on the North end of Columbus, The Holiday Inn Worthington is undergoing complete renovation and will be re-branded as a Doubletree by the time of MHC 2007. We have secured a room rate of $99 per night and parking is free.

Please let me know if you need any information - fliers, event schedules, workshop details ~ Thanks. We look forward to seeing you in Columbus this July!


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Midwest Haunters Convention and Midwest Fantasy Show
July 13-15, 2007 Columbus, Ohio. Holiday Inn Worthington
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Midwest Haunters Convention
July 13-15, 2007 Columbus, Ohio
Extended Workshop Descriptions
Best Haunt Practices - Producers Workshop
Friday, July 13, 2007 9:00 am – 4:30 pm $75

Facilitators - Tim Gavinski and Bob Turner
Tim Gavinski, Nightmares4U, Waukesha, Wisconsin
“Crazy Bob” Turner, Haunted Hydro, Freemont, Ohio

Exclusive Territory Limited Attendance* For questions about attending this unique workshop please contact Kelly Collins at Kelly@MidwestHaunt.com 614-203-4626. * Reserved territories include: Columbus, Ohio; Fremont, Ohio; and Waukesha, Wisconsin

To register for this workshop; please visit www.MidwestHauntersConvention.com
or contact Kathy at Kathy@MidwestHaunt.com.

What worked for you in 2006? Was it an advertising campaign? A website marketing program, a new haunt design or special scary scene? Here’s your chance to present your best idea from last season and you could win some cash. You’ll present your ideas to your classroom peers and they will decide on the winning program in two categories.

• Morning Session - Best Marketing Program/Idea hosted by Tim Gavinski

• Afternoon Session - Best Haunt Scene hosted by Bob Turner

Worried about a competitor using your idea? We will limit the class to one person per territory of the country. Once registered, you will be the exclusive workshop attendee within a 30 mile radius of your haunt. There will be no videotaping or recording of the class and we will not publish notes from the class. The doors will be closed for this private workshop.
Class participants will be given an opportunity to make a presentation (15 minute time limit) on the most successful thing they did in 2006. The day will be divided up with marketing programs during the morning and haunt scenes/designs in the afternoon.

Come prepared to learn from each other and see what ideas you can take home with you to improve your marketing or operation of your attraction. We will restrict the number of Best Haunt Practices entries to 12 for each category. All entries must have been implemented in the 2006 season. You can bring pictures or samples for your presentation.

At the conclusion of each session (Morning Marketing and Afternoon Scenes) we will pass out voting forms to all workshop participants. We’ll tally up the results and award $100 to the top idea for each session. The cash will be awarded at the end of the day.

Midwest Haunters Convention
July 13-15, 2007 Columbus, Ohio
Extended Workshop Descriptions
Half Day Seminar Worth Thousands!

Friday, July 13th 12:30 – 4:30 $250
Tim Gavinski / Nightmares4U, Waukesha, Wisconsin Sponsorships
To register for this workshop; go to www.MidwestHauntersConvention.com.
For questions contact Kelly Collins at Kelly@MidwestHaunt.com 614-203-4626.

In three short years, Nightmares4U has generated dozens of sponsorships for their haunts. Tim and Ann Marie Gavinski have learned the secrets of selling sponsorships and tweaked these programs into sizeable income for their attractions. In addition, Tim has recently generated a record amount of sponsorships for the Frozen Tundra Fright Tour at Transworld.

Everyone’s asking Timmer the secret to his success with sponsors. The problem has been pinning him down long enough to learn about his plans. Well, we’ll tie him down and force him to reveal his tricks of the trade. As enticing as that may sound, we realize Tim can’t talk without his hands. So, we’ve offered him some cash and he’s agreed to share his plans, procedures and timelines that have earned him thousands of dollars in revenue and created over a million exposures to his attractions.

Here’s the agenda for the class:
- The Sponsorship Plan
- The Cold Call
- The Gate Keeper
- What do they want
- What can you offer them
- The Follow Up, timelines and much more.

Tim has been a big supporter of the Midwest Haunters Convention and we feel very fortunate that he’s decided to help us by sharing something that has generated substantial income for his business. This could be the only chance you’ll get to learn from this professional.

If you want to get Sponsors for your event, then sign up now. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best sponsorship salesman in the industry. This seminar could pay for itself in the first 15 minutes.