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  • MHC dates for 2015

    Reserve the dates now for MHC 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. The trade show will be Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31. Plans are underway for a two day (Wednesday, May 27 and Thursday, May 28) preconvention bus tour….what cities are they touring? You’ll have to watch this forum or the MHC web site for clues!!!


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    How far out will they go for a haunt tour connected to that event? Larry
    Larry Kirchner


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      The farthest I have seen Mhc go was from columbus to the Detroit area. This year they are doing the Cleveland area
      Brian Warner
      Owner of Evilusions
      Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House
      Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore


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        MHC info

        We have never been to MHC but are planning on attending this year. we are coming out of Florida which is a long trip. We are trying to get some info in advance for the haunted house tour and pricing but on their web site everything says PENDING. Is this normal? Is it to early for them to post information? Is it worth the trip?


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          You might check the web site again and refresh the page. They have the pre-con bus tour posted for Thursday. It's going to the Cleveland area and touring four haunts. Should sell out quickly, the haunts are very impressive.

          The Friday night bus tour is going to the Haunted Hoochie. They promote themselves as the World's Most Aggressive Haunt and they live up to the claim. Tim May is the owner and he works hard with his crew to put on a memorable show.

          The Friday day tour is a paranormal bus tour. They're headed southeast this year, they haven't posted the location yet (should be up soon), but I've been there before and it's really cool. I can't let out the details, but it should be very popular.

          Larry, you asked about the furthest we went on the MHC pre-con tour. One year we drove from Columbus to Grand Rapids, MI to tour The Haunt. It was a two day tour and we stopped at haunts along the way and back, but overall it was about an 8 hour drive each way. I think that was the year we visited nearly 20 haunted attractions in total. It takes months of planning to put together these bus tours, trying to find quality haunts that can open during the off season while putting together a route that makes the most sense.

          Hope this helps,
          Kelly Collins
          The ScareAtorium Columbus and former MHC producer


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            thank you for the reply. That list has been up for a while but nothing new has been added. there is no info on pricing or how to sign up for the tour. I am at a loss. Even if you hit the button to register to attend it comes up pending. Everything is pending.
            I did find a phone # so I guess I will have the wife call them.
            thank you


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              I'm not sure why they haven't posted the price yet or opened it up for registration, but they may still be gathering costs. I did the planning for these tours for nearly 10 years and it takes a lot of time and energy to get all the costs and information together. Some haunts can be VERY slow to respond. I used to start working on the tours in August with the goal of posting the information and signups in January. You have to calculate all costs involved before you start signing people up.

              Jen, Ben and teams are working on three shows right now and they need to prioritize their time and MHC is the last show of the three shows they are currently working on. I would suggest you keep checking the MHC web site and FB page weekly and be prepared to sign up as soon as the info is posted. I think their tours are going to be great. I know I'm going on as many as I can. I really enjoy touring other haunts and seeing what's new.



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                registration is open

                We are signed up and ready for the haunted house bus tour. can't wait