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Items for Sale at Midwest Haunters Convention

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  • Items for Sale at Midwest Haunters Convention

    We are driving from Texas to the Midwest Haunters Conference in Columbus, Ohio. We have some items for sale and will bring them to the conference or stop along the way if we have a buyer. We are not bringing everything unless we know we have a buyer as it is going to cost money to take a trailer doubles the cost of gas.

    We have for sale:
    - 15 Wall Panels - $25 each (SH Grade 3 as Set)
    - Animatronics Dog - $1,000 (includes trip pad and sound) (SH Grade 2)
    - Animatronics Slammer - $700 (SH Grade 1)
    - Animatronics Casket Skeleton - $1,200 (SH Grade 2)
    - Pop Up Table - $300* (SH Grade 3 as Set)
    - Animatronics Man - $200 (SH Grade 1 as Set)
    - 2 Cash Registers - $50 each (SH Grade 1 as Set)
    - Fire/Emergency Exit Equipment - $50 everything (SH Grade 1 as Set)
    - Mixer Boards - $100 everything (SH Grade 1 as Set)
    - Restaurant Sign - $100 (SH Grade 2)
    - Credit Card Reader - $20 (SH Grade 1)
    - 8 Catacombs - $100 each (SH Grade 3 for set of 2)

    We also are planning our route based on who contacts us first. When we have to drive out of the planned route we will charge mileage at a rate of $.50 a mile to coverage our fuel cost. In addition to the mileage cost we have three levels of shipping/handling fee: Grade 1 will be $200; Grade 2 will be $300; and Grade 3 will be $400. Let me know what you want as it will let me know how to combine and get you the most for the least amount of money. But obviously when larger items are purchased then I need to get a larger trailer.

    The total cost for the above items is $4,945 if you buy everything we will sale for $4,000 and S&H depends upon your location. To make proper arrangements please contact me by Friday, June 29th. We expect 25% of your payment up front in the form of a check (non-refundable) to cover our cost for shipping and the remaining 75% upon delivery in cash. Unfortunately we have dealt with dishonest people before and therefore, we must ensure our up front cost are covered.

    If you have any questions or want photos please email or phone at 940-759-2134.
    Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear

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    Wall panel Sold - More Items for Sale

    Hey gang,

    The Wall panels have been purchased so now we are down to the remaining items. Contact us at ASAP to get pictures. When you contact us let us know what you want, your phone number, and your location so we can speed up the process of knowing the cost for bringing the items to you.

    Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear