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  • HAAShow vendor?

    There was a vendor specializing in masks at Transworld this year, that had quite a few zombie paintball masks. When I was looking at them Friday morning, they told me to come back and grab a catalog later in the day, as their catalogs weren't there yet. Needless to say, I forgot to go back later to get one, and now can't remember the vendor. It wasn't Outlaw Haunt or Punishers.
    Does anyone know the name of this zombie paintball mask vendor?

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    Do you know where about the booth was? Could try looking them up on the HAA website.

    The first company that came to my mind was Beyond the Grave as they added some paintball masks to their lineup.
    Zach Wiechmann


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      I want to say they were in the 1300-1600 isles, small corner booth midway down the isle.

      The floor plan was the first place I checked, but they've already updated it to next year's floor plan.

      I don't think it was beyond the grave, they seem pricier than the ones I was looking at.