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Chicago Frights show: Anyone Going?

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  • Chicago Frights show: Anyone Going?

    I'm thinking of going to this show in Chicago. Anyone else planning to go or have any thoughts on why I shouldn't go?


    Savoir Fear

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    We may..

    We are looking to exhibit along with most haunts and other companies in the area. But I am unsure of who is attending... Is it worth the time..?

    We are currently building three haunts, one set for a traveling musical "The WIZ", detailing another haunt and so many masks your head would spin.. So I am not sure the time spent sitting at a convention wondering who will come is worth it to us right now. I may attend or speak regarding escape the rooms but not sure if we can take almost a whole week off.

    That said.. I want to support all local Halloween, horror and etc. conventions so we will try our best to be there.

    Peter T
    Fables Studios
    Your Home For Horror


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      I'm looking forward to attending. I reserved my room weeks ago. The educational and workshop sessions have not been posted yet. I'm anxious to see what's going to be offered. Plus, I haven't seen the list of vendors. I'm really counting on the haunt tours to be good.

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        Things worked out so that I might have the opportunity to attend... But there certainly doesn't seem to be much buzz on these forums about the show.
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          I had a call

          Maybe a car load of haunters who will be attending the Chicago show will be making the trip to see my Ravens Grin one of those nights.


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            Fables will be there..

            We are exhibiting with Cash and Carry masks..


            I will be offering an escape the room class Saturday Morning.

            Creative Saturday July 18 – 9:30am-10:30am
            Escape Room:Thinking Outside the Coffin by Peter Tomeczko of Fables Studios
            ⇑ Class Description

            Escape room games are sweeping the country, and haunted attractions owners are on the cutting edge of this massive expansion – but what is an escape room? How do they work? How can you use escape rooms and other interactive attractions to scare up year-round profit? In this informative session, Peter Tomeczko will discuss the ins and outs of this new style of haunting, and how to think “outside the coffin.”


            I hope to see everyone there!!

            Peter T
            Fables Studios
            Your Home For Horror