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    Good Evening all my fellow forum members,
    So after such a long wait and three attempts I finally have an account that was approved and able to be posting. I am brand new here, and originally didn't come here to 'spam' rather connect but there was no 'general members' area to introduce ourselves so thought may as well start with that.

    My name is Brendon - but most online call me Disembodied Voice - I live in New South Wales Australia and love everything to do with horror. I have been a self-published author, with some success, and my LONG TERM aim is to create my own haunt set up here in Australia. However, my first task is launching Shocka-Con Australia.

    Shocka-Con Australia is Australia's Newest Horror Convention - many in the past have tried, however due to lack of 'big name' guests had failed and now Horror Conventions over here are little mini-cons that help make up other conventions. We do believe we have the focus, the drive, and the passion to make Shocka-Con Australia work and be a success.

    It is our aim to set this up to be an event that the entire Horror Community as a whole can be proud off and be looking towards each and every year. Our event, in addition to the costume, competition and games side of things, consist of three main aspects.

    Exhibition / Vendors
    We have an exhibition hall that will play host for all things horror related, from clothes, collectables, to posters, dolls, books, films and art work. Halloween has never been 'massive' in Australia however is quickly growing in popularity now and many MANY people are over the 'plastic' looking props that are widely available and are starting to hunt out the more realistic stuff meaning it is now the best time to open up your Australian Markets But also provides those in Australia a chance to showcase their props and items other than just online.

    Guest Stars
    We have already been speaking to a number of home grown and international guests, and are very close to signing some agreements which we are very excited about. All of our stars will conduct a Q & A Session, Autograph session and photographs with their fans.

    Discussion Panels
    We have some of Australia's leading experts in numerous fields, including Haunts, Ghost Hunting, Paranormal, Poltergeist Activity, The Occult, Cryptozoology, Extraterrestrial and Ufo Hunting. We, also have a few international guests providing discussions. These panels will also hold Q & A sessions, provide evidence or feedback on submitted evidence.

    This event is not being held until the first week of October 2018 - this gives us time to cross all the t's and dot all the i's as well as build our event up to ensure every horror fan in Australia, and those from overseas who may want to come and see it have the time to book it all in to their schedules.

    Oh, forgot to mention probably one of the most important facts, the event is being held at the grounds of Australia's Most Haunted Homestead - the Monte Cristo Homestead.

    It is our aim to build the local community and improve haunts, halloween and the horror community as a whole.

    I don't know if you are able to post links here (remember this is my first post) so be sure to search for us on facebook by searching 'Shocka-Con Australia'. We would love all the support we can get especially with people/businesses and set ups of your calibre.
    Shocka-Con Australia
    Australia's Newest Horror Convention