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Hi All,
As haunters I wanted to let you know about a show I’m producing that you might be interested in:
Tickets are now on sale for A modern day revival of the “Ghost Show” popular in the 1950’s that features spooky magic, comedy, a seance, and a blackout sequence at the end where the audience is fully immersed in the realm of spirits and monsters.
It’s for all the monster kids who grew up loving Halloween, haunted houses, TV horror hosts, & Rocky Horror. Hollywood Gothique wrote, "This off-season Halloween treat will satisfy your horror craving and tickle your funny bone.”

3 out of 4 of our shows have sold out, and there is only 1 left, this coming Satuday June 23rd 11:55 PM at the Complex Hollywood.

You can save 3 bucks off tickets with discount code: haunt

and you can get your tickets HERE