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OT: Neena and Funhouse Faces 2008!

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  • OT: Neena and Funhouse Faces 2008!

    Dear Friends and Associates,

    Iím thrilled to start 2008 with great news to share with you! Happy New Year!

    Iíve been appointed to the Board of Directors for the World Face and Body Art Alliance. This is a brand new organization with world-wide dignitaries including Marcela Murad, Jinny, Julie Oliver, Claire Pick and others. Please take a look at the website; and my bio is at Whahoo! What awesome company!

    Iíve been searching for weekday sustenance employment (the Columbus Zoo is on break), and getting ready for our Anniversary Haunted Honeymoon Cruise with Bloody Mary (haunted attraction industry) and Captain ĎCripplerí Kelly next week (my husband).

    Over the holidays, I was offered a retail position for Costume Holiday House and Iíve accepted! Finally! Iíll be able to focus on selling makeup as well as having fun with costumes and accessories for a living. Itís about time!! LOL!

    Funhouse Faces ended the year in style doing an airbrush tattoo gig for MTVís My Super Sweet 16 show (to air in February), and the Limited Brands Christmas Party. We had so much fun!

    Things are shaping up for the Midwest Fantasy Show and Haunters Convention. Itís our fifth anniversary and weíre moving up to 25,000 feet of floor space! It will be at the greater Columbus Convention Center.

    Iíd love to hear from you. Thanks for your support!

    Neena Collins | MidOhio Productions

    Midwest Haunters Convention
    June 3-5, 2011 Columbus, Ohio

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    Congrats, Neena! Sounds like an exciting year is in store for you!


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      Great Job

      Congrats Neena. You do a super job. I know the kids looked great at Dave's party when they got on our carriage. Is the water main break going to cause a problem at the convention center. I know it looked ugly on tv. They had a lot water inside


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        always nice to see some one get up on the right side of the bed regrdless of which side that may be.

        wish more success in the years to follow
        The Care Taker
        John ""


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          ⊙ ⊙ say:good..portarit2000
          Chris Riehl