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New Paranormal Investigation at The Haunted Hydro 9-13-08

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  • New Paranormal Investigation at The Haunted Hydro 9-13-08

    Paranormal Investigation team to find out Saturday, September 13… too bad it wasn’t Friday the 13th…!

    The professional paranormal team of OHPRI (Ohio Paranormal Research and Investigations) will be bringing their cameras and high tech sound equipment Saturday to see if they can pinpoint any REAL haunted activity in the 1911 Fremont Hydro Electric Power Plant that the Haunted Hydro is housed in.

    Haunted History includes: It is rumored one person lost his life building the Hydro Electric plant back in the early 1900’s and several others were electrocuted. There were 2 tragic floods that took many lives and left their haunted mark on the Hydro as well. Bob Turner, owner of the Hydro and many of the cast and crew over the years have witnessed some strange phenomenon and felt many cold and hot spots in various areas of the Hydro. Many of the props in the Haunted Hydro are antiques and could be housing real spirits.

    The media is welcomed to send a crew to this event as follows:

    · September 13, Saturday -10:00pm – 11:00pm is reserved for the press and media

    · The first TV and Newspaper that RSVP’s will receive the right of passageway to have one person on the team from 11:00pm – 12:00pm at the Hydro when OHPRI begins their investigation.

    The Haunted Hydro, now in its 19th year opens October 3 – November 1 for 13 nights and features 2 main haunted houses – The Haunted Hydro and the House of Shocks as well as 2 “Friendly Monster” early evening events - for info visit www. thehauntedhydro. com or call 419-332-7380.

    For further info on OHPRI contact Bill Finney @ 419-917-7322 or visit their website @ www. OHPRI.

    This Bulletin corrects the Times from am to pm, after all what fun would it be in the
    GET ... ALL FIRED UP !!! and Hydro Me Baby ONE MORE TIME !!!