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  • Transworld Question

    I'm planning on attending the 09 Transworld Convention in St. Louis for the first time ever. I'm really excited and I have a few questions...

    1. Do you have to own/operate a haunted house in order to get in? On the website it says something about how you have to bring in business stuff to show that you run a haunted house... However I don't have a business up and going yet. I just do a home haunt. Am I still able to get in??

    2. Do they allow cameras and camcorders inside? I heard something about them banning stuff like that last year, but then there are tons and tons of videos and photos of last years show...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Zach Wiechmann

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    It sounds like first timers can get into this show. Larry was encouraging that on another thread. Ive always taked photos and video. I dont think it would really be a problem. You dont have to be showing it off at first when you come in anyway. You should be fine. Everyone has to start somewhere. Have fun!
    Damon Carson