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Zombies on Ice in Chicago - 12/14/08

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  • Zombies on Ice in Chicago - 12/14/08

    Zombies... On Ice!

    So, you're off from school, work is boring, or you can't stand the throngs of rude people in the frenzy of Holiday Shopping.

    You want to get out and DO something....but what?

    Well, here it is.

    December 14th (tentative) at 2:30 (again, tentative) in the afternoon, Kitty will be holding the first Zombies on Ice event at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago!

    Kitty has teamed up with Chicago Zombie and others to be named soon to bring you this fun and festive event.

    Now, here is the kicker... we are going to try for the Guinness Book of World Records for most zombies ice skating at one time!

    There will be swag, pictures, video, and of course, lots and LOTS of zombies!

    And don't forget to look for updates on

    We have a Facebook event page set up at this link:

    **Wondering who this Kitty is? Well, Kitty can't talk, so I will tell you a bit about him. Kitty is a shock trooper of Zombie Army Productions. He can not talk, but makes a lot of noise! Don't let him get too close... you never know WHAT he may do. The mind of a puppy in the body of a reanimated killer... he is quite the work, be sure!

    A favorite in the haunted house circuit, he's sure to win your heart, too. Check him out at
    Happy Haunting,

    Adam Drendel
    Webmaster of

    Visit us on Facebook for the latest updates!