Some people said the tour links I gave didn't work... here ya go with all the links again.

If you go straight to the Darkness site you can choose either option lights on tour and main event. Now let me clear something up here... if you buy the tickets to the lights on tour it comes with tickets to the main even on Saturday. So only buy lights on tour if that is what you want. If you only want to see the haunted house with actors opened just like it would in October then just by main event.

Lights on tour with Main event is $125 but limited to the first 250 tickets sold (100 Tickets already gone). Main event is limited to the first 1500 tickets.

Darkness Ticket Page (Shows Both Options)

Lights on Tour Package (direct link) $125.00

Main Event Saturday with actors only (direct link) $50.00

I hope this helps!

Larry Kirchner