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    HauntSpace Banner Trading (have a website?) will now be accepting banner trades. If you have a HALLOWEEN website, blog or forum, you are welcome to submit a request for banner trade to BANNER TRADES ARE FREE!

    Why? helping one another is the intention, as well as providing FREE banner advertisements to other Haunters who wish to display their websites. If you want to expose your website to a high volume of Halloween enthusiasts, this is the way to go. HauntSpace received over 9 million hits in the month of October, which isnít bad for a site thatís only 5 months old.

    Whatís the catch? and where will your ad go?

    Your website banner will be featured on the MAIN PAGE and throughout the site.

    The rules are below, if you feel that you qualify, please fire off an email to me WE PREFER HOTLINKING TO YOUR BANNERS.

    1. HauntSpace is a clean HALLOWEEN, HAUNTED HOUSE , HORROR website, strictly enforced. We only cater to hard-core Halloween buffs and horror movie enthusiasts. Any website that features pornography; nudity or reference to illegal drug use is prohibited. If itís clean, if it has Halloween knowledge, or Halloween content, itís more than welcome.
    2. Hot linking is preferred. Simply give us a banner URL and provide us with a return path, as to what page you want the visitors to be directed to.
    3. Placing a HauntSpace banner on your page is necessary. Please provide the URL of the page that features a HauntSpace banner.
    4. Websites that are sole Halloween social networks, just as HauntSpace will not be featured on our site for obvious reasons.
    5. Reiteration, HauntSpace doesnít care about numbers as far as members are concerned. The site is geared towards QUALITY. Terms of service violations result in the removal of banners and content that goes against the better interest of HauntSpace and itís members.

    Again, if you have a good website that features the types of materials that benefit other Haunters, youíll be welcomed with open arms. HauntSpace has ZERO tolerance for inappropriate content and strives to keep HauntSpace a website that is strictly geared towards serving the Haunt Industry. The HauntSpace banner can be copied and saved, placed in a photobucket account for linking purposes and is free for use on appropriate Halloween websites.

    HauntSpace (Span)

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    Hey Pete

    Getting a lot of emails from friends wanting to know why HauntSpace is down today. Could you fill me in so I cant let them know.

    Scott Winberg