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  • Expansion of NHC Announced

    I'm not sure if this falls under "new convention announcements" or should be under the old "Eastern Haunters' Convention" thread, but I'm posting this exciting news here first.




    Wyckoff, NJ-Niche Entertainment Industry Embedded Reporter Avril Folle has exclusive, first-heard information from Michael Bruner and Rob Kocher, owners of the rapidly-expanding National Haunters’ Convention. In conjunction with the expansion from “Eastern Haunters’ Convention” to “National Haunters’ Convention” the terror team has inked a deal to make this year the first year of the National Hannah Convention in celebration of the Disney Franchise’s second appearance on the big screen.

    “It is a natural fit,” says Rob Kocher of The Village of Darkness. “Halloween begins with the letter ‘H’ and Hannah begins with the letter ‘H.’ When you mix it all together, you know you’ve got the best of both worlds.”

    Kocher continued by pointing out that “Best of Both Worlds” is probably the most recognizable Hannah Montana song as he attempted to paraphrase the lyrics into his own, personal sound bite.

    For those who do not have tweenage daughters, Hannah Montana is the alter ego of Miley Stewart on the Disney television show with the same name. Hannah/Miley is played by Miley Cyrus, daughter of 80’s pop star Billy Ray Cyrus, who also plays Miley’s onscreen father in both the television series and the feature-length film.

    The timeliness of the convention is also convenient. Michael Bruner of The Monster Maze made the announcement of the special bus trip to the premiere of The Hannah Montana Movie, which occurs on the first night of the National Haunters’/Hannah Convention.

    “We were so excited about the movie premiere that everybody who signed up for the Haunt Tour will simply board the bus and go to the King of Prussia Mall. There, we’ll be treated to a special Food Court dinner and have Priority Seating at the 7:45 pm screening of The Hannah Montana Movie.” Following the movie, participants will be encouraged to participate in a “lights on” discussion of the movie and its impact upon popular culture, moderated by Bruner and Kocher themselves.

    Weekend events include the screening of select episodes, including the story arc featuring “Dancing With The Stars” fan favorite Cody Linley as Jake Ryan. This arc features Miley Cyrus as Hannah while she guest stars in a role on the fictional “Zombie High,” a parody of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series. Also, the National Hannah Convention is pleased to offer celebrity appearances by Shanica Knowles, known to Hannah Fans as school nemesis Amber, and Paul Vogt who originally played the role of annoying neighbor Donsig prior to his twin brother Peter Allen [Vogt] taking the role for the remainder of the series.

    The Cadaver’s Cotillion costume ball will be replaced by the “Mullet Madness” as Achy Breaky, a local Billy Ray Cyrus tribute band, takes the stage for the party in honor of Billy Ray Cyrus recent re-emergence, and whose career “was hooked up to an AED and run through the cycle with full battery power because of the popularity of the Television show,” according to Kocher.

    And what about the haunted house stuff? Kocher promises to not disappoint. “You’ll still see plenty of faux skeletons, synthetic vines, and makeup demonstration DVDs,” he states. “We don’t plan on denying any vendor or potential buyer the chance to spend their money on Halloween props. We just want to make a little extra money to support that hobby that sucks all of our bank accounts dry for nine months out of the year in an effort to make it all back in October.

    “In this economy, it is very important to be versatile. We know that hundreds of thousands of young girls and boys will dress up as Hannah Montana for Halloween. We’re doing our best to cash in on the trend before she becomes the next Hillary Duff.”

    Anybody old enough to be out of college and employed as well as current fans of Miley Cyrus may be tempted to ask, “Who’s Hillary Duff?” Kocher responds with the only appropriate response.


    The National Hannah Convention opens Friday April 10, the same day as the premiere of “The Hannah Montana Movie.” It will be held at the Valley Forge Scanticon and run all day Friday and Saturday. For more information, please contact Tell them “Scrye sent me!”

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    Lol!!! Hilarious!!