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Thread: Wall Panels for sale

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  1. Default Wall Panels for sale 
    Join Date
    Nov 2011
    Have for sale:

    qty 88-4x8 wall panels
    4-3x8 skinny wall panels
    Hard to see but there is also a 4x8 panel with a nice built in drop panel
    Also approximately 15 each corner pieces and end caps.

    Wall panels are double sided osb with 2x4 frame flatwise with center board running horizontally. Both sides of OSB is screwed to the 2x4's. OSB is offset 1 3/4" so they can slide together. Very solid where you can frame and hang anything off them. Each panel was originally primed with oil based primer and 2 coats of black. Since then most of them have been repainted a couple times more giving a fairly smooth surface. In one of the pics they are all strapped together standing up on their edge in the background. Currently all panels are stacked flat and wrapped in fireworks bunting. If you are serious and want more pics I can take a few more. I have another building and setup for my haunt and no longer need these panels. Corner and edge pieces are near and to the left of the chopsaw. To build the same 4x8 panel in my area today would cost at least $40 material+paint+labor.

    Located in central Arkansas
    Attached Images
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    Nov 2011
    Reduced $2900

  3. Default  
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    Nov 2011
    $2600 Reduced
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  4. Default Still for sale? 
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    Jan 2017
    Wondering in these wall panels are still for sale? You can email me at oli2239@live.com. Thanks, Steve.

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    Nov 2011
    They have already been sold

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