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Thread: Flame bulb- holiday buys

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  1. Default Flame bulb- holiday buys 
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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    This the season....to look for Haunt related deals in the Christmas section!!

    Don't forget to scourge the local Christmas decoration outlets from Home Depot & Lowes to Big Lots and the Dollar stores!
    There are a lot of lighting effects and decorations that can be modified or used in your haunt.... like getting pool noodles in the summer!

    Here is one effect that is not really holiday but is being promoted during the season...NEW Flame LED bulbs!!
    these are NOT to old flicker bulbs!!! Check the, out:


    Here a link to a guy that rips one apart!!


    I already ordered a couple, check online prices vary from $29.00 down to $7.99. If the cheaper ones work you can put them EVERYWHERE!!!

    Check it out and Happy Holiday!!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Mar 2015

    WOW! Thanks for that I'm looking to order them today!

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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    Quote Originally Posted by Haunted Mansion View Post

    WOW! Thanks for that I'm looking to order them today!
    i ordered a half dozen when I saw them, still waiting on delivery, hope they work as good as the vids.......

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    I bought some and installed them on my front porch! Awesome!!!!

    I think Home Depot sells these now but I bought mine on Amazon

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