A heavy duty double axle car trailer made into a escape room type attraction. Not a true escape room by todays standards but people race the clock to enter into "the Vault" that has crossing laser beams as obstacles. Touch a laser and an alram beeps adding a penalty to your time. The great thing is while a person is inside hitting and avoiding the beams their friends are outside watching the action on the mounted television. A heavy curtain separates the operator and viewer area at back of 20 foot trailer from participant. So friends hear them hit lasers and trigger buzzers while cheering them on. System keeps track of all players and times to beat. Uses fog. Pic is to show lasers and is a posed one of several people. Can do teams of 2 or individual times. Been at my place for several seasons and owner who operates this and laser tag at my place needs to sell.all stuff pics 2010 639.jpg He is asking $10,000 and delivery is posible this winter.