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Thread: Job Placement Personality tests...

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  1. Default Job Placement Personality tests... 
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    Sep 2009
    Did somebody call my name? Lol I've been MIA with computer /internet issues that have lasted way longer than I thought they would. Typing from my phone now, which is tough.

    Glad to hear you have a couple of jobs you like OK now. If you have discovered a vocation working with special needs kids, that's a gift! You can aim to be a special ed teacher perhaps.

    I am trying to motivate myself to look for work. We need more income while my daughter is in college. At my age, and having been out of the work force for so long, it is daunting! I tell people I have two fears--not finding a job, and finding one!

  2. Default Job Placement Personality tests... 
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    Oct 2013
    How have you been Murf? I noticed you were gone for a while and I was wondering if something might have happened. I was concerned especially after Mike's disappearance and all. You've been missed!
    I can understand typing from the phone, it's not easy at all and I definitely prefer a computer screen and keyboard. I hope you get your internet back soon! I appreciate you touching base with us all here.

    I was really lucky to get these jobs. My friend had a need at the time and I was someone she could trust with her kids. It's such a rewarding experience getting to work with these young kids. The other job was pure luck too since one of my friends I used to work with at the store became manager and talked to the store manager about me coming back part time as a cook. Then he talked to his parents the store owners and next thing I knew I was back there for the third time, but this time in the back and I really like it like that. It's great to have two jobs that I love now. I'm still subbing as well though I haven't been called in a while. I usually average about once a month, which is why I needed to find something else. I just couldn't live off that kind of income. I think that's exactly what I'm going to do Murf, there's a huge need for it and I'm finding I work better with the children one on one than trying to direct a whole class. I get to help these young minds grow and help them in areas where they struggle. I see brilliant minds that need the right guidance. I certainly have discovered it and it's great!

    I completely understand where you're coming from. Looking for work is scary, and it can be rather daunting as well that's for sure! You never know how the first day is going to go either, what the training and the people are going to be like. But not finding a job can be stressful especially if you're in a situation where you really need it. The best advice I can offer is try indeed.com, visit different businesses locally since not all of them advertise that they're hiring or even that they hire online. A lot of places do hire online only though. Is there a specific occupation you're looking to get into, or are you just looking for any kind of part time help? The thing I find rather funny and yet perplexing is that McDonalds (at least in my home state of New York, I'm not sure about anywhere else) and other fast food places are going to be having their crew members making $15 an hour! It almost makes me wonder if there's any incentive to go to college now when you can flip burgers for that kind of money. Regardless I couldn't choose better jobs right now anyway. I am still hoping to get into a school system eventually but the experience working with special needs kids is going to pay off in the long run. Having money helps too though. It means I can tackle some of my bills and pay down my student loans, and hopefully visit my family this year.

    Honestly though, I think finding the right job is all about who you know. If you have good references, or maybe ask around at your church I'm sure you might find someone who could help you out. I wish I could help more myself. I don't want to be in a situation where I have to job search again for a long time! And I probably won't until I'm done with 4 year school and take my Praxis exams.

  3. Default Job Placement Personality tests... 
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    Sep 2009
    Thanks for the encouragement! I think my strengths are researching, writing, and editing, and I'd like something that plays to those. Like maybe at one of the publishing cos. in Nashville. I'm not against doing something different, but I'd want it to be something I might at least find interesting. For example, I have a friend who works at the local Children's Discovery House museum. I could see working in a place like that, since it has an educational purpose. I'm not too keen on taking a full time teaching job because I know how much work they are. However, they would probably offer the best pay for my skill set.

  4. Default Job Placement Personality tests... 
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    May 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by MauEvig
    I don't think these tests are very accurate though. I took one and failed it for the USPS as a carrier. Carriers don't really need to interact with a whole lot of people...all they do is deliver mail and sort it.
    On the other hand...there are people at the Post Office who are down right rude, have the worst customer service possible, and are careless with the packages (especially the ones that are fragile...I heard they toss them around like garbage! And I believe it too because I mailed some books down from my old home to where I am now and 90% of them were gone and the box looked like it'd been through a war zone). Even the delivery people seem to think they can deliver whenever they feel like it rather than when they are supposed to. These are the kind of people hired using these computerized personality tests. :/ There is no substitute for a one on one interview with a real person.
    You also have to understand that just because someone is socially awkward or has anxiety does not mean they won't make a good team player. I'm not saying you should hire someone who would just whine, complain and not do their job...no one wants someone like that Travaux dépendance seniors. I am NOT the kind of person who would bring down the morale or the spirit of a team...far from it. If I was...I kind of doubt they would have considered hiring me back at the Grocery store I worked at for the third time... in fact I'm the type of person who lightens things up even though it's a hard job while still getting my work done.
    I get what you're saying Spooky but these personality tests are NOT the way you want to pick out a good team player. A lot of people fudge them anyway, they figure some way around the system to make it appear that they're the worker you really want. The only way to know for sure is when they are actually on the job...but the next best thing is talking to them in person.
    Thankfully my job search is over. I now have 'technically' four jobs. Two of them are subbing for two different school districts, but a friend offered me a job working weekday nights with her special needs children while I work weekends at the grocery store. But I don't need to be a cashier anymore, now I'm a cook and I really enjoy both these jobs. Part of this thread was just me venting my frustration at job searching.
    I'm sure we can always improve over time. Do not underestimate someone who has hidden potential.

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