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Thread: Salem witch trials hanging spot found.

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  1. Default Salem witch trials hanging spot found. 
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    Apr 2008
    Mostly in my imagination.

  2. Default Salem witch trials hanging spot found. 
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    Apr 2013
    If you go to Salem today, you see witch related stuff all over the place. Yet the people who were accused and wrongly convicted and then executed were not witches. It seems a rather tragic irony that they celebrate 19 executions of innocent people and actively promote the witch thematic vision of the town.

    A few years back I met someone from Salem and the person told me that by having the witch theme it was to show religious tolerance. I said that was fine, but the 19 dead people were Christian and not witches. The person said that by accepting the witch as part of their history and cultural they were putting a thumb into the eye of the repressive and close minded Christian intolerance of the day.

    To which I replied, Yea but the people WERE NOT WITCHES! They WERE CHRISTIAN! How can you reconcile that as being open and accepting when you are demeaning the deaths of people who were innocent of the crime of being a witch.

    To which they replied......Well that was a long time ago and things are different now.

    To which I replied......HUH!!!!??? :shock: :roll:

  3. Default Salem witch trials hanging spot found. 
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    Aug 2007
    That's on the hill behind the Walgreens, right? ... or is this another location?

  4. Default Salem witch trials hanging spot found. 
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    Sep 2009
    Kolchak, you are right, of course. I'm willing to bet that the main reason they emphasize witchcraft today is that somebody in the chamber of commerce decided it was great for tourism!

    One really significant outcome of the witch trials is that remorse over them caused our legal system to insist 'innocent until proven guilty'. I believe that English common law had held guilty until proven innocent. It is much harder to prove innocence than guilt.

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    May 2018
    Boston MA
    As a Salem local, it's really great to see them come to a conclusion on where the site is. You used to see less-than-legit tour guides offering to take tourists to the "real Gallows Hill" despite the fact nobody had an exact location.
    The tourism business is absolutely booming, though it branches out quite a bit from witch-related stuff. You'll see places like The Nightmare Gallery, a wax museum dedicated to horror movie characters, and a gigantic month-long Halloween celebration. There's also a large Wiccan community, ironically.
    As for the actual history of Salem, many of the original documents from the witch trials belong (for the time being) to the Peabody Essex Museum. Unfortunately, they recently decided that people don't care for Salem's real history and they've moved their collections from downtown Salem to a remote warehouse in another town. You can barely make appointments to look at them anymore, and the word on the street is they're trying to sell off the collection altogether. This is particularly disheartening to those of us who love both the Halloween-y frivolity and the serious historical significance of the town.
    Badger J. Antoniou
    SMFA @ Tufts Boston
    230 Fenway
    Boston, MA

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    Jul 2007
    Salem is on my bucket list!!

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