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Thread: Royalty Free Haunt Footage? And Lots Of Other Questions...

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    May 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by halloweencom View Post
    The spots mentioned by bobby2003 would definitely be good places to start. Did you check them out? Is that what you are looking for or something else?

    Don’t give up on working on it - everyone had to start somewhere at first, often raising capital. Lots of people around here are happy to discuss.
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Yes I have gathered lots of great usable assets though traditional licensing channels and I will keep hunting. I turned to these boards for footage that's a bit more haunt specific like customers screaming, night vision footage people cowering as they walk etc. Nothing specific to an established brand really, just evergreen footage of people being scared, like what you see here at the 39 second mark - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXbWFLlt-SU

    Thank you again or reaching out! It's nice to see some kind, and helpful responses. :-)

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    May 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by mindtumor View Post
    You edited your original post.
    - Yup, I removed a single, redundant word.

    Quote Originally Posted by mindtumor View Post
    And even now it doesn't mention your industry term "ROYALTY FREE" video assets.
    - The title of this thread is literally "Royalty Free Haunt Footage?"

    Quote Originally Posted by mindtumor View Post
    However, it does now mention "purchase, license, rent, etc".
    - Yup...just like it did two weeks ago when I first posted the thread.

    Look I'm not here to make 'enemies' so if I've offended you please accept my apologies. Maybe you just misread my post originally? That's cool, it happens, sometimes I just skim and don't really READ threads lol. Sometimes when I misread what someone posted I realize t's ok to say "hey I misread your post, I apologize."

    Like I said, I am not here to make enemies, I'm here to be part of a community that loves this industry as much as I do. I'm finally in a position to get going in this business and I'm taking the steps to do so. One of those steps is coming here and asking questions. Another step is buying all of Larry's "how to" DVD's - which I also did. I'm sure I'm going to ask a ton of newbie questions along the way - hopefully the vets here can bear with me, or even better, be willing to share info lol.

    Anyways, I hope you are having a good day and congratulations on your success in the business.
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    Sep 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by EDITMAN2411 View Post
    This comment was exceptionally helpful. Great community you got here.
    That comment was intended as a reply to mindtumor's post so yeah, not very helpful to you....Let me clarify I'm just a home haunter so I'm not in any position to give you an answer for the business side of your endeavor.....There are plenty of pros here though that started out with virtually nothing but through years of blood, sweat, tears, trials, pushing through break downs, gained the EXPERIENCE they needed over those years to make their haunts into something that was actually profitable....They probably don't have a good answer as to how one might make a concept video of a haunt that doesn't actually exist in the hopes that someone might throw money at them so they can build a haunt....There is a LOT of great info on here for 1st year haunts looking for information....Do a search and you'll find a lot of helpful info....I find the whole kickstarter concept videos for investors misleading at best....Most of those projects turn out a terrible product or not one at all....Not saying your using kickstarter specifically but it's the same scheme....Good Luck....ZR
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