I just had someone call me from OKHauntedHouses.com which runs many other sites trying to get us to advertise. He then told me "Well your password is XXXXXXXX" which is a HUGE security warning to me being in IT. Nobody should ever be able to see your password or credit card information if they are PCI Compliant. If you use any of these site I would encourage you to go change your password to something that you do not use on anything else. For 98% of everything I do I use https://www.lastpass.com/ to generate random passwords for every site but for sites that dont have anything that I need to be secure on I use just basic passwords so I would recommend you also use a password app also.

On another note when he told me how many "clicks" we had to our website it is no where close to where Google Analytics shows. His reply was that Google is not accurate but their stats are. I am sure the person that wrote their website and tracking script our so much smarter than the guys that work for Google LOL