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ABOUT "Eagle Hollow Haunts"
For $15 you get the three haunted houses, including the Darklands, The Grid and Luminon (a 3D haunted attraction.) Plus more. See below for more. Luminon; Nebraska's premiere 3D Haunted House! Take a journey to the planet Luminon a lush and beautiful alien world. You must wear your safety glasses while on Luminon and be sure to be back before dark. While it is a beautiful planet to visit by day, the nocturnal inhabitants can be dangerous. Enjoy your trip! The Grid; After a Nuclear blast about 1 year ago, the world is struggling to survive. A lack of food and societal rules has given rise to a new society for those that were unlucky enough to survive. The society offers the only stable society, food and shelter, but it is nothing like the world used to be. In order to become a resident and benefit with the necessities for life, you must first survive the post-apocalyptic encampment of all those too crazy to be allowed inside. Visit Darklands; Anything but a walk in the park! Climb on the bus and you will transported to a land of darkness. The area has become a gathering place for those characters that don't fit in to normal life. It's just you and your friends, walking in the Darklands. You are also invited to partake in a number of minor attractions throughout the grounds, These items are included with the basic admission to the haunt grounds. Attractions include: Fire pits for telling your own ghost stories or roasting your marshmallows/hot dogs, Scary-oke (karaoke) and live DJ music, full concessions, with adult beverages available. more items coming soon. Additional attractions for a small participation fee include: Psychic Readings by Honey more items coming soon
617 S 238th St, Eagle, Nebraska, 68347

Haunted Houses

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Ticket And Price Information
Tickets are available at the main gate upon arrival. Admittance to Eagle Hollow Haunts and one trip through each of our three main attractions is only $20. Or for only $5, you can come to the Haunts for a perfect spooky evening with your friends and family without touring our haunted attractions. Admission sales stop 1 hour prior to official closing time every night. If the Hollow reaches capacity, we will stop ticket sales until further notice in order to meet safety requirements! Corporate Events and Parties! Looking for a unique way to reward your employees for their hard work? Give them a scream they’ll never forget at Eagle Hollow Haunts! • Corporate Outing Opportunities • Contact Michelle Hadan • 402-238-2595 Office • 402-639-4228 Cell • • Office address: • 12240 N. 153rd Circle • PO Box 17 • Bennington, NE 68007 Group pricing for 20 or more people includes a discounted admission fee, plus special pricing on hot dog and s’mores packages and campsite reservations! Must call in advance to arrange group pricing. - $20 for all haunts, $5 gate admission (no haunts included) Plus, Join us on Facebook for special promos and updates.
We are open 7:30-midnight Fridays and Saturdays. 7:30 – 10:00 on Sundays and Monday the 13th. We will be open 8:00pm-10:00pm on Halloween. Ticket office closes 1 hour before closing times. There is a lot to experience and the later you arrive, the less chance you will see all the attractions. Please arrive early in the evening. (Remember, the earlier in the year, the shorter the lines.)


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617 S 238th St, Eagle, Nebraska, 68347
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