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Fields of Fear Logo Fields of Fear
15621Braddock Road
Centreville, Virginia, 20120

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Do you dare enter those fields after dark? When night falls on Cox Farms, prepare yourself for Fields of Fear. Experience the dark side of Cox Farms every fall, featuring The Forest: Back 40, the Cornightmare cornfield walk, Dark Side Hayride: Zombie Zoo, & the Firegrounds where entertainment, bonfires and more happen.
The Haunted Hayride will take you to the Zombie Zoo. Due to the increasing zombie threat, Cox Farms wanted to create a safe environment where people of all ages can come observe and learn about these predators in their natural habitat. The best preparation is knowing your threat! Experience what this feels like from the safety of your wagon at the Simulated Attack area. Your only possible future is a future where you are PREPARED to handle this very real threat. Through observation one can learn so much more than is possible from a book or brochure! Don’t forget about the gift shop and concession stand at the end of your ride! We have memorabilia and tasty snacks because learning makes you hungry! About Image 2
It’s a party on the farm! Hang out and enjoy the Fall night around one of our blazing fires. There is lots of music, a dance party, entertainment, and a huge 6 lane slide included with your admission ticket. Also, check out the fear games and enjoy some wicked good snacks!
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Imagine a ¾ mile walk through a dark cornfield containing all the ingredients for a gourmet nightmare. Aliens, Zombies, claustrophobia, bugs, caves, doctor, and don’t forget the clowns!
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