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After receiving top rankings on multiple sites for 10 years of fears, Ghouls Gulch returns even bigger in 2014 with a second haunt, Sanitarium with 3D Also returning is The Von Kitsch Collection of oddities and the live reptile and spider experience

Website :
3910 Palmer Park Bvld
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80909

Contact Phone : 719-684-4894
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2016 marks the 13th year of professional haunting for Ghouls Gulch Haunted House. The thirteen years has included a number of benchmarks and accomplishments. Going back in time twenty years, we started out with a “home haunt” that initially started out as just our front yard. As the years progressed, the haunt did as well. The following year included the front yard and the back yard. The year after that included the front yard, back yard, and garage, which we made into a mini haunted house attraction. After that, my wife said, “You are not taking over the house”, so I knew we had to find a commercial location if we were going to continue, and Ghouls Gulch was born. Our first professional haunt was a partnership with UCCS Theaterworks in which we created our first attraction, Dante’s Inferno, a haunt that is still considered one of the most ambitious to this day. It spanned 18,000 square feet and utilized 75 actors each night in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Over the years since that time, we created the first haunted house attraction at Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center, “Dread Manor”. We also had the pleasure of working with Ed and Marsha Edmunds, owners of Distortions Unlimited in Greeley, Colorado and stars of the TV reality hit show, “Making Monsters”. We worked with them to create and operate five haunted houses in Greeley, with an opening night appearance by Alice Cooper. Eventually we landed at our current location at Palmer Park and Academy, and 2016 marks our sixth year at this location. The quality of our haunts have not gone unnoticed. Over the years, we have been voted “Best Haunted House in Colorado” by and by Spooky Colorado, #2 “Must-See Haunted House” by, and “Scariest Haunted House” by We’ve been featured on Fox 21, KKTV- 11, and KRDO-13 TV stations. We’ve also had featured stories in the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Independent, as well as nationally in Hemispheres magazine on United Airlines, and in Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine. We are a yearly featured participant in the Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, where we have won ten trophies, including Fastest Time, Best Coffin, Best Entourage, and Best Emma. We are also proud to be part of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association’s annual Ghoulfest Poker Run, the Galaxy Fest convention, and the Haunted Brew Fest. We’re proud members of the Haunted House Association, we’ve been honored to have parts of two movies filmed at our haunted house, and proud to have been the selected location for several photo shoots. These include the Denver Umbrella Corps, the (biker magazine), and local photography groups and artists. We’ve also had both a marriage proposal and a wedding held at our haunted house. Our current location has also been certified as haunted by the All Girls Paranormal Society. 2 Our passion and love of all things haunted make this a truly fun endeavor. Our current location includes Ghouls Gulch Haunted House, Sanitarium Haunted House with 3D, and the Von Kitsch Collection. We look forward to entertaining you this Halloween season!!


Haunting Fun at affordable rates! Haunt Prices: $15 General Admission (GA) $20 V.I.P. (Shorter lines) Combo deals: $26 for both Haunts General Admission $35 for both Haunts V.I.P. CONTACT: Email us at

Ghouls Gulch
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mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.
Haunting Fun at affordable rates! Haunt Prices: $15 General Admission (GA) $20 V.I.P. (Shorter lines) Combo deals: $26 for both Haunts General Admission $35 for both Haunts V.I.P. CONTACT: Email us at

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