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10194 Heber Springs Road N
Concord, Arkansas, 72523

About Us Image 4
We are one of Arkansas Scariest and best Haunted House in Arkansas. We have indoor waiting area with big screen TV to watch movies while your waiting to get in. Sign your name on the wall. We are a 3D Haunt, We have (2) 12 foot slides in the inside and yes they are for All ages , inside Vortex Tunnel, and squeeze room. Come face your fears. Make THE HAUNTED BARN in Concord, Arkansas your haunted house destination!
We are a benefit haunted house, a portion of each and every admission goes to help children and adults born with port-wine birthmarks and sturge-weber syndrome! COME GET SCARED FOR A GREAT CAUSE! About Us Image 5
About Us Image 6 Come to our facebook page and watch videos of past years of people being scared. We have 16 night vision cameras to catch your visit, so you come to our facebook and in a couple days we will post the video of your group so you can watch you being scared.
Come Face your fears, come get scared for a great cause. The Haunted Barn in Concord, Arkansas one of the best Haunted Houses in Arkansas. Come see what all your friends are talking about! About Us Image 7
The Haunted Barn is your haunted House DESTINATION!

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