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Find the biggest, best, and scariest haunted hayrides in MARYLAND. Maryland has some of the biggest and best Hayrides some of which feature other attractions such as haunted houses. Most attractions which feature a hayride often times have other attraction that aren't scary especially if the attraction is a pumpkin patch. A Halloween family friendly attraction would probably feature a non-scary hayride and also might include corn mazes, pony rides, pick your own pumpkins and much more. There are two very different types of hayrides the scary and the non-scary. A scary haunted hayride will almost always feature other attractions from a haunted forest, haunted houses, to all sorts of scary zones meant to make people SCREAM! The big haunted hayrides almost always feature tons of live actors, amazing detail, sets, special fx, some feature pyro and much more. Make sure when you search for a haunted hayride you are specific in your search. There are also new types of haunted hayrides called Zombie Paintball hayrides which are interactive where guests shoot and kill Zombies from hayrides.Look in our Pick Your Own Pumpkin or Corn Maze directory to find the non-scary hayrides. But if you want non-stop thrills and edge of your seat chills look here on these pages or within our haunted house directory to find big over the top haunted hayrides.
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We need your help to shoot live Zombies, taking them out before they take you!

Website :

13335Alexander Road
Galena, Maryland, 21635

Contact Phone : 3026706388
Email :

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from your location.

mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.

Now looking for New Recruits to take a ride on an actual Army Truck as it takes you through an Army compound that has been taken over by Zombies! We need your help to shoot live Zombies, taking them out before they take you! Aim for their heads and that will kill them for sure. SO DON'T MISS!!


Please visit our website for information about any ticket specials. Thanks!


Dates and Times for the 2016 Season are as follows: October: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th Open: 7 pm to 12 am Ticket Booth closes at 10 pm and it's CASH ONLY onsite NO ATM is available Sorry!

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