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Hell Town, LLC presents a new and horrific haunt called Voodoo Village: City of the Damned. It will be taking place at the Boulevard Mall in the horrific town of Lost Vegas. Come experience the terror of the Hellbilly Hellshack , Cemetery of Cremation, the Demonic Dollhouse, Church of the Blood Devil and more.


3528 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89169


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4.33 out of 10
ABOUT "Voodoo Village"
Deep in the bayou of Louisiana lives a Voodoo Priestess so hideously beautiful, she can make Medusa turn to stone by her vision. The locals call her Mama Mambo but she is better known as Necrotina. Necrotina came to be the way she is as a result of being scorned by her lover, who she cast a spell on, turning him into a horrific creature who inhabits the bayou. Not stopping there, her wrath was so great that she also directed it at all of her lover’s family and friends, turning them into ravenous Walking Dead, Deformed Backwoods Denizen and even Live Voodoo Dolls. But it’s well known that Necrotina has also cast demonic spells on many an unsuspecting wanderer who happened to get too close to her lair. So let you be warned while you traverse through the myriad of paths that make up Voodoo Village.

3528 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89169


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