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ABOUT "Adrenaline Shots Live - Mistress Morphine's Macabre Art Masterclass"
Adrenaline Shots Comics (us!) are doing our bit to ensure that Halloween is not cancelled in these challenging times and will therefore soon be running one of the most unconventional live art classes ever! Are you interested in drawing horror comics or learning more about how to? Are you staying indoors for Halloween? If your answer was 'yes' to one of those questions, you'll want to take a class from Mistress Morphine, who will be your musical Bob Ross for the evening, as she hosts her very own macabre Masterclass, filled with art, song and plenty of blood. This Halloween, join us and Mistress Morphine - the vampire, nurse, dominatrix (she’s a triple threat, literally!) and hostess of our sci-fi and horror webcomic anthology - within the hallowed halls of Morphine Manor itself via the power of Zoom! Be part of the fearsome festivities with tips and guidance on horror art via Zoom and a roster of brilliant comic artists including Joanne Kwan and Ricky Fang a.k.a Hooks n Fangs. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few surprises, and Mistress Morphine has more than a handful of tricks up her sleeve, so look out for one or two familiar horror film faces on the night too...oh, and did I mention that it's also a rock musical? Oh, and there will be puppetry and Ray-Harryhausen style stop motion monsters too! To commemorate the event, an exclusive limited edition poster has been created by artist Matt Ryan Tobin, who has created very memorable posters for Mondo and Texas Frightmare Weekend. The print will only be available to be won as a prize for the participants who are selected by the judges on the night as the best of the evening. The show begins at 1 pm EDT on October 31st. Tickets are via Eventbrite: But be warned, the show has some naughty bits (as do we all!). So if you are offended by adult language and comedy, then this may not be for you.
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Haunted Houses

Recommended for Guests 16 and over (VERY SCARY)

3D Haunted House
Live Music
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