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Fear Farm Logo Fear Farm
2209 North 99th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona, 85037

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Dusk. The grey time, in between the reality of day and the unknown of night. A time when what you imagine can become real, and what is real must be imagined. Your mind fills in what your eye cannot see. In a cornfield, you can look above and see all that surrounds you, but if you look below, you cannot even tell what might be a few feet in front of you. The stalks surround you. You hear a noise, and forget for a moment that it might just be the wind, You run like the wind, the leaves of the cornstalks hit against the side of your face, the edges cutting ever so slightly into your skin. You are blind as to what is ahead, and even blinder to what is behind you. You know it is your mind playing tricks on you, that the sound you hear is the wind, or the echoes of your own footsteps, or just some small animal. Even so, it is that tiniest of possibilities that there is a Something chasing you, a Something that means you harm, that drives you now. That remote chance outweighs any worry that you are overreacting. As long as you make it out of the cornfield, you will be alright. It's the cornfield that drives your mind into terror.
New for fall 2016 is Phoenix’s only haunted hayride! Nestled among 10-acres of corn, this attraction provides guests with the sounds and smells of autumn air from (what should be) the safety of specially-designed trailers meant to protect them from terrifying legendary creatures called Wendigo-- impossibly thin, evil spirits of Native American legend with an intense craving for human flesh. Building this hayride may have disturbed Wendigo burial grounds and, some experts suggest, created an atmosphere sure to create a frightening experience for guests hoping to enjoy a nighttime ride through the cornfields. About Us Image 5
About Us Image 6 The Goatman is a mythical legend of a half man half goat that terrorizes locations across the United States. Extremely territorial and ferocious, he does not welcome intruders into his domain... and you’ve found yourself right in the middle of it! He is thought to be a shapeshifter, taking on many forms, he fiercely protects his area and punishes all those who enter. The blood of the souls he takes makes him stronger and only fuels his fire to ravish more. He has inspired both fear and fascination for decades, so much so that he has attracted a group of cult-like followers who carry on the Legend and assist him in all of his fateful endeavors.
Some people think clowns are funny. You are not those people. As soon as you step out of your car, you'll hear the bratty laughter and taunts of Tremmors and Flinch, two clowns that once appeared on local Saturday morning TV, but now run amuck - dragging people into their psychotic state of tormenting and cruelty. No one knows what broke the spirit of Tremmors and Flinch and turned them evil, but something sinister is surely at play. Maybe you will find the answer on the Fear Farm. OR maybe you will drown in your own tears of fear. About Us Image 7
From the city all you can hear are the screams resonating from fields on the farm. Located on the outskirts of the city lies a farmland that is home to one of the scariest places in Arizona. Fear Farm is the largest outdoor haunted attraction in the valley. 30 acres of pure terror, consisting of 5 indoor/outdoor haunted attractions and for the faint of heart we offer a 10 acre corn maze. New for 2016 Fear farm brings you the all new Phoenix Haunted Hayride. Guests won’t have to travel far to leave the city lights behind and enjoy this ominous oasis of the desert, the Valley’s only outdoor Halloween experience with attractions for the whole family. This Halloween season, Fear Farms promises to become your family’s newest and most frightening fall tradition: Come for the fun, stay for the fear. Make a night of it. We dare you. This year there are 5 horrific haunts all at one location: Slaughterhouse, Undead, The Bunker, Mouth of Madness, and Legends: Goatman!

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