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Pennhurst Asylum Logo Pennhurst Asylum
250 Commonwealth Dr
Spring City, Pennsylvania, 19475

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The Pennhurst Haunted attraction includes the Pennhurst Asylum, a hospital themed walk thru attraction featuring many items and artifacts that were part of the original State School. Located on the upper floors of the old Administration building, which dates to 1908, this attraction features a combination of high tech animatronics, digital sound and motivated actors, as well as incredible detail and realism. We have added lots of new props, and made many changes for the upcoming season.
The Dungeon of Lost Souls, located in the basement of the Admin Building features medical experiments gone horribly wrong. This dark attraction features incredible detail, CGI effects and some of the scariest actors on set. This event id not for the fainthearted and is designed to wow even the most discriminating haunted house enthusiasts. About Image 2
The Tunnel of Terror is a 1200' walk thru the subterranean tunnel complex at Pennhurst. These tunnels were used to transport patients to and from other buildings and sometimes they were left there for days. Featuring high tech digital lighting, sound and props, and a host of monsters, this event is simply the scariest attraction at Pennhurst.
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The Ghost Hunt is a stroll through the most haunted building at Pennhurst, the Mayflower Dormitory. featured on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and the Travel Channel, Mayflower has a history of ghost sightings. The dorm has been left as it was when abandoned over 30 years ago. Bring your camera and see if you can get photos of orbs and apparitions. This event allows you to walk through two stories of Mayflower and wander at your leisure.
About Image 6 Pennhurst Asylum has been ranked as the Scariest REAL Haunted Attraction in America and last year was voted the Top Haunt in the country. Widely known as a dark attraction, it is not recommended for kids under 12 years. Please enter at your own risk.


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