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Find the biggest, best and scariest companies who sell haunted house supplies, animations, costumes, consulting, masks, and services for the haunted house industry.  Hauntworld Magazine will help you sort through who is for real and who is not... many suppliers in the haunt industry have taken money and never delivered what was promised.  Hauntworld helps you find the best and most professional vendors and suppliers in the Amusement Attraction industry companies who specialize in helping you build your own haunted house.  You can trust ANY vendor published on this page... trusting a vendor outside this list will require you to do your homework.  These companies can supply you incredible silicone masks, or help you build your own haunted attraction, or create amazing special FX for your business.  The Haunted House industry like most industries are full of bad companies.  If you encounter a bad company in our industry please notify us!  Happy Hauntings! 


Animation, Props & Scenic Design Suppliers

(Monsters, Zombies & Haunted Props)


Unit 70 - Unit 70 is one of the biggest animation companies in the industry, also suppling monsters, props and much more.  www.unit70.com

Ghost Ride Productions - Ghost Ride has a full line of dead bodies, body parts, and a massive line of butcher props plus cobb web guns and more.  www.ghostride.com

Gore Galore - Builds giant animated puppets oversized costumes and much more.  www.goregalore.com

Fright Props -  Has a giant selection of animations and parts to build animations and much more.  www.FrightProps.com

Haunted House Supplies - Sells tons of the best CGI FX in the Nation!  They also sell air cannons, animations and more.  www.HauntedHouseSupplies.com

Dapper Cadaver -  Creates custom monsters, zombies and props for haunted houses.  www.dappercadaver.com



Masks Make Up and Costumes

CFX Composite Effects - CFX is the leading company offering silicone masks, hands and costume accessories.  www.compositeeffects.com

Immortal Masks - Sells tons of silicone masks created by FX artists.  www.ImmortalMasks.com

Creature Corps/Precinct 13 - Film maker Robert Kurtzman creates World Class masks and costumes www.Creaturecorps.net

Altered Flesh FX -  Creates Silicone Masks for haunted attractions  www.alteredfleshfx.com



Haunted House Designers and Consultants

Halloween Productions - HPI is the World's largest supplier of haunted house attractions, 3D haunted houses, modular haunted houses, and consulting to help put your haunted house over the top. www.HalloweenProductions.com

Blacklight Attractions - BLA is the World's best 3D blacklight company offering all sorts of blacklight 3D attractions including haunted houses of any theme, blacklight mini golf, laser tag and even Christmas 3D Attractions.  www.blacklightattractions.com

Haunted House Supplies -  Haunted House Supplies is the World's biggest website offering haunted house videos, how to dvd's, how to detail your haunt dvd's, books, foam carving, and haunted house supplies like cobb web guns to everything between.  www.HauntedHouseSupplies.com

HauntWorld Magazine - HauntWorld Magazine is the WORLDS #1 haunted house magazine offering information about how to build your haunted house, marketing tips, feature haunt stories, and much more.  The magazine is mailed directly to your home and is released three times per year. www.HauntedHouseMagazine.com


 Lighting -  Sound - Fog and Detail Supplies

Darklight Precision Lighting Systems - Darklight sells incredible lighting equipment that is used in all sorts of attractions including haunted houses. www.darlightsystem.com

DayGlo - Day Glo sells blacklight paint to help you build the ultimate 3D Haunted Houses and Attractions www.dayglo.com

Froggy Fog - Froggy leads the haunted house industry selling more fog fluid than any other company.  www.froggyfog.com

Only Factory Direct - Onlfy Factory Direct sells the best sound equipment including preamp speakers and even speakers with repeaters. www.onlyfactorydirect.com

 New York Fire Sheild - Provides fire retardant supplies to the haunted attraction industry www.nyfs.com

Mini Spot Light -  Provides lighting supplies and controllers to create amazing lighting special fx.  www.minispotlight.com

Only Factory Direct - Provides the best sound equipment for haunted houses bar none!  www.onlyfactorydirect.com

Haunted House Marketing Services - Graphics - Design and Printing

HauntWorld.com - Hauntworld.com is the webs #1 haunted house and Halloween Attraction website helping people around the World find attractions.  If you own a haunted house you can purchase banner advertisement on Hauntworld.com state directories helping send your business thousands upon thousands of qualified customers.  If you are interested in promoting your haunted house locally,  build your brand nationally and or promote your haunted attraction to the national media Hauntworld.com is your only source.  Contact Patti at blacklightminigolf@sbcglobal.net or call 314 504 3970.  www.HauntWorld.com

Interactive ticket is the haunted house industries #1 supplier to help haunted house owners sell online tickets which creates massive revenue sources for haunted attractions.  www.fearticket.com

Brainstorm Studios - Brainstorm Studios is the WORLDS best graphic designers for logos, websites, and all creative graphics used on promotional materials. www.BrainstormStudios.com

Halloween Attractions - Halloween Attractions provides a massive directory of corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and Halloween events.  You can also promote your event on this website at www.HalloweenAttractions.com

Haunted House Association - Haunted House Association is the longest running website on the web devoted to helping the media learn information about the haunted house industry and additionally promotes haunted houses with free listings to all attractions.  www.HauntedHouseAssociation.org

TradesShows - Seminars - Conventions and Halloween Events

Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow -  Transworlds haunt show is the industries biggest show complete with 100,000 square feet of haunted house animations, props, monsters, fx, supplies, masks, costumes, and even Halloween retail.  The show is held each March in St. Louis, Missouri.  www.HauntShow.com

Halloween Party and Expo - This is the biggest Halloween retail show on the planet which also includes tons of party supplies and even a haunt show called Hauntcon.  The Show will locate to New Orleans in 2015 learn more at www.HalloweenPartyShow.com or www.Hauntcon.com

Insurance and Specialty Suppliers

Donet Insurance  Provide insurance to the haunted attraction industry www.donatinsurance.com





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