Haunted House and Halloween Attendance is Breaking Records

Haunted Houses across America are reporting the best attendance in over 10 years!  What is the difference from 2009 and 2010?  For starters weather has been a lot better in 2010 with little to no rain, plus it hasn't been too hot or too cold.  In 2009 the weather specifically rain hurt haunted houses nationwide leading many haunts to purchase rain insurance, in St. Louis owner of The Darkness states "in 2009 rain killed us every weekend, which nearly led me to purchase rain insurance, as we lost over $300,000.00, but we held out and simply hoped for better weather'.   Kirchner continues by stating 'We have had NO rain so far and it's really helping attendance'. 

Haunts across america also report that the economy has improved or in our estimation is now the big story causing doom and gloom amoung American's.  The media overall has been great in 2010 with one Halloween or Haunted House story after another all lending itself to helping the haunted house industry to one of their biggest years EVER.

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